No to events center, yes to Walmart

I am totally against the city funding or buying any building for an events center.

I am against the city sponsoring any committee for the purpose of establishing this events center.

I am still for Walmart coming in for closer shopping and for more employment for the people of Belfast.

I say a BIG NO to this events center.

We need blue-collar jobs for our people. Manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing.

Deborah Paradis



‘Real citizens no longer stand a chance’

John Christie’s article in the Feb. 3 edition [“Does money muddy direct democracy?”] about people being paid by the signature for citizens’ petitions is disturbing, but no more disturbing than the effects of money on our political process at all levels. The recent Supreme Court decision, ruling that paying for ads for candidates is “free speech,” will allow not only large corporations but foreign countries as well to spend millions on advertising supporting certain legislators, who will then be in their debt. The real citizens no longer stand a chance. The vote, you say? Well, those ads will convince the ordinary man how to vote. Big money thinks we are easy to convince, and maybe they’re right.

Kathleen Fox

Tenants Harbor


Post your number

Last year, I worked for the U.S. Census in Knox and Waldo counties helping update addresses in rural and urban areas. I hope to work for it again this year.

Do you know how many homes don’t have a clear — or any — house number attached? Not just people trying to be private — I spoke with many and heard: “Oh, it fell off in a storm in the ’90s” or “I probably should repaint the numbers on the mailbox.”

Fire, ambulance and law enforcement need to be able to find you to help. Seconds can make a difference. “Everyone in town knows me” is a poor excuse. What if your town’s firefighters are on mutual aid elsewhere, and fighters from an adjoining town are looking for your house?

Many towns have ordinances concerning house numbers for this reason. Help our first responders, post your number in at least one location, preferably two, nice and large and legible.

Paul Sheridan



Health care both moral and financial issue

Health-care coverage is both a moral issue and a financial one. If the current system is not changed, the latest studies show that health-care costs will almost double by 2019. Even families with coverage are being forced to skip necessary medications and doctor visits because the co-pays and deductibles are higher than they can afford. People I know are stuck in the wrong job because changing jobs or starting their own business would mean they lose their health-care coverage. It’s time our politicians get courageous and make decisions that can help us and control future costs of health care for people and government. Our economy will benefit and our lives will improve. Let’s get the job finished.

Karen Estey



Waldo County Y says thanks

The Waldo County YMCA held its annual Cabin Fever Reliever Feb. 6 at the YMCA. More than 100 people attended and enjoyed a delicious traditional Saturday night baked bean dinner followed by a basket auction.

The auction was successful, raising over $2,400, with quick wit and humor provided by auctioneer extraordinaire Dave Bowen. The YMCA would like to thank everyone who participated for being a part of this success. A special thanks to everyone on the Special Events committee, all staff, board of directors and volunteers who gave of their time, talents and goods, all apple pie bakers and all people and businesses who so graciously donated items and certificates.

Our fundraising helps to keep membership costs down and allows us to offer financial aid. The Waldo County YMCA distributed more than $74,000 in scholarships for memberships, programs, summer camps and daycare in 2009! With your support, we continue to build strong kids, strong families, strong communities. Thank you again.

Dale Cross

Executive Director,

Waldo County YMCA


VFW thanks fishing derby sponsors

The Men’s Auxiliary of VFW Post 3108 sponsored its first annual Waldo County Fishing Derby last Jan. 30 to raise funds to support our veterans.

We want to thank the following merchants for their assistance and donations that made the derby a success:

Morrill General Store, Darby’s Restaurant, Army/Navy Store, Chase’s Daily, Belfast Bay Wraps, Weaver’s Bakery, MacLeod’s Furniture, Alexia’s Pizza, AutoZone, Dutch Chevrolet, Little River Apparel, Belfast Variety, Belfast Variety Route 52, Bowen’s Tavern, Swan Lake Grocery, Trustworthy Hardware, Rollie’s Café, Goose River Grocery and the Dodge Corner Bait Shop.

Without the support of our local merchants, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our goal. We, again, thank you all.

Scott M. Patten


Men’s Auxiliary

VFW Post 3108