Sage for Someone’s Scout MacKay and Dylan Chapman will perform their last shows with Jason Dean and Mike Whitehead Thursday, Feb. 18 at Rockland Public Library at 6:30 p.m.; and Friday, Feb. 19 at Rock City Books & Coffee from 5:45 to 7 p.m.

Ever since she was a sophomore in high school, singer/songwriter Scout MacKay has been performing throughout the Midcoast, impressing audiences with her lyrically evocative songs, haunting voice and skillful guitar and piano playing. During her senior year at Watershed Community School, MacKay studied intensely under singer/songwriters Anne Dodson and Cindy Kallet and joined them on stage for a handful of performances.

“MacKay has a beautiful, thoughtful and sophisticated way with words,” sais Kallet.

In the fall of 2007, MacKay joined guitar and bass player Dylan Chapman, who brought acoustic guitar harmonies and bass lines influenced by Motown Record’s James Jamerson to her original songs. For two years, they performed as a duo, becoming familiar faces at local coffee shops and farmer’s markets. During these two years, MacKay attended the University of Maine at Augusta’s Jazz and Contemporary Music Program, where she studied voice, guitar and piano. Having never played jazz before, MacKay was intrigued by its complex harmonies and began integrating elements of jazz into her own music.

During her last months at UMA, MacKay and Chapman joined drummer Jason Dean of Northport and trumpet and flugelhorn player Mike Whitehead of Thomaston. Honored to be playing with older, accomplished musicians, they formed Sage for Someone. The group’s name refers to MacKay’s philosophy of what an artist’s purpose is in life: to be a guide on a person’s journey to peace.

Since February 2009, the band has evolved from playing mainly folk rock to being reminiscent of jazz, indie rock, R&B and even hip hop. They have since performed at a wide variety of venues including the Maine Lobster Festival, WERU and Unity College among others. They also will soon release their single “Traffic,” which will be available on iTunes for purchase.

Next month, MacKay and Chapman will be moving to Washington state, drawn by Seattle’s vibrant indie rock scene. Admission to their last shows with Dean and Whitehead at the library, 80 Union St., and Rock City, 328 Main St., is free, although tips are encouraged during the Friday show as it is part of the weekly Velvet Lounge series.

During their farewell shows, Sage for Someone plans on playing a selection of indie rock and hip hop oriented songs, which Chapman described as upbeat and danceable. As the music of the group’s members evolves, MacKay, Chapman, Whitehead and Dean will always look back on their experience as this version of Sage for Someone fondly. Music will always be a part of these four people’s lives; as MacKay sings in her song “A Song Covered with Skin,” “I am human, just human, falling in love with sound.”

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