Sweetser has announced the opening of two Infant Family Focus residential programs, one in Belfast and the other in Saco. Infant Family Focus is designed to provide early intervention to families with very young children to improve their coping and parenting skills and reduce behavioral crises in the future.

Sweetser’s Infant Family Focus program works in partnership with families whose child is at high risk and with the state Child Protective Services. The parents and their children face mutual challenges, such as overcoming significant substance abuse, eliminating domestic violence and learning to parent without resorting to abusive or neglectful behavior. Individual, family and group therapy is provided, with a focus on the family unit. The projected length of stay in residence is four to six months.

There is significant evidence today of the impact that a high-risk family environment can have on the neural development of very young children and the attachments they make with family members and future relationships. Early intervention and treatment assists parents with bonding and learning to care for their children.

For more information about Infant Family Focus, contact Dean Bailey, at 294-4446 or the Sweetser PromiseLine at 800-434-3000.

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Sweetser is a nonprofit organization serving approximately 13,000 adults and children throughout Maine. For more information about Sweetser, visit sweetser.org. For access to mental health services call the Sweetser PromiseLine at 800-434-3000.