The following deed transfers were recorded from Feb. 4 to Feb. 11.

Phyllis G. Gould to Branden R. Thompson

Springbrook Hill LLC to John F. Offen and Karen Y. Offen

Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-OPT1, Mary A. Kennedy and Peter J. Kennedy to Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-OPT1

Pearl M. French to Nan Darling Borton

Rebecca B. Dakin Est. to Wayne M. Dakin

Brent M. MacLeod and Daniella M. MacLeod to Ronald Spencer

Delmont E. Clark Est. to Alton Libby

Town of Brooks to Paul W. Nickerson

Blaine F. Littlefield and Norma E. Littlefield to Craig R. Littlefield and Brenda Jo Crabtree

FFMLT Trust 2005-FF8 to FFMLT Trust 2005-FF8

Alan W. Hammond and Kimberlee A. Hammond to Central Maine Power Company

Donald E. Chase and Mary A. Chase to Stephen K. Chase

Gillies Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Isabel Gillies and Andrew Thacher Gillies

Gillies Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Isabel Gillies and Andrew Thacher Gillies

Franklin Larrabee to Michael E. Braley and Tanya J. Braley

Sue L. Flewelling to Melissa S. Pooler, Clifton Sawyer and Sheila A. Sawyer

Dentone Family Trust to Mary Perry-Larsen, Archie M. Dentone and John S. Dentone

Barbara W. Gendron to Mark E. Gendron

Thomas E. Flagg Jr. Est. to Jane Jipson

Jane Jipson to Doris F. Weed

Thomas E. Flagg Est. to Ellen F. Garneau, Doris Weed and Jane Jipson

Doris Weed to Jane Jipson and Ellen Garneau

CEI Housing Inc. to Woodside Association

George C. Allen Jr. to George C. Allen Jr. and Sheila R. Allen

Bald Head Island Inc. to Bruce V. Libby and Heidi J. Libby

Adelbert H. Kelley Est. to Keith J. Kelley

Edith J. Ballard Revocable Trust to Jenness L. Robbins

Renaissance Home Equity Loan Trust 2005-4 to Lovley Properties LLC

Lynn Blood to Two Bush LLC

Stockton Springs
Herbert Lewis Barrett Est. to Rochelle Russell and George Russell.

Roberta Ken Baker, Roberta Ruth Ken and Roberta Ken to Henry S. G. Hardy and Robert Ken Baker

Carolyn E. Ward and Terry A. Ring to Terry A. Ring and Carolyn E. Ward

Oak Hill Estates Inc. to Todd Cook

Deborah J. Bradstreet to Ryan M. Bradstreet

Van E. Hertel Jr. to Wayne R. Pitre

Skowhegan Savings Bank to Skowhegan Savings Bank

Wendell H. Dennison and Carole E. Dennison to George A. Wells Jr. and Lynne M. Wells