The Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast has been selected by the Maine Association of Nonprofits as one of 13 organizations invited to participate in the annual Maine Nonprofit Day event held at the Maine Statehouse. The exhibition will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25 in the Hall of Flags.

This is a day for Maine nonprofits and government to assert their commitment to working together, to pledge to efficiently and effectively create the public structures that stimulate the economy and protect our residents and environment. At noon, the findings of MANP’s soon-to-be-released report, “Partners in Prosperity: The Maine Nonprofit Sector Impact, 2010” will be highlighted. The governor, Speaker of The House and President of the Senate have been invited to receive the report and make remarks.

The Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast facilitates compassionate responses to crime and wrongdoing that foster support and healing for the victim, accountability, rehabilitation and reintegration for the offender; and renewal and safety for the community. The project’s vision is to create a community whose response to crime, jail and punishment is restorative, heals relationships and reintegrates offenders.