Eco-fashion designer Meredith “madgirl” Alex, whose living sculptures enhanced Camden’s recent Winterfest, along with Team Eight Snowboards and I.S. Printing, is introducing the locally produced madboard snowboards to the extreme sport enthusiasts of the world.  These unique handcrafted boards combine the craftsmanship of Greg Johnston of Team Eight Snowboards, the colorful branding of designer Alex of madgirl world and the contemporary graphics of Tim Sommers of I.S. Printing to create an ultimate experience for snowboard enthusiasts.

“Madgirl world is all about the super ‘G,’ super green sustainability, and this project really meets our mission,” said Alex, who serves as president of madgirl world.

“We are working with amazingly talented local companies to produce a top-notch snowboard, incorporating our ‘madness’ into the whole project. The result is a product, madboards for men and woman, that we are all very proud of especially knowing they are made right here in Portland Maine and not being mass produced in China,” she said.

Each madboard has an all-mountain freeride shape that can take snowboarders anywhere. Construction of the boards includes full length Aspen/Maple wood core, full wrap steel edges, 2001 stintered base, triax fiberglass, 25 degree UHMW sidewalls, stainless steel inserts and directional shape. The boards for both men and women are priced at $460.

“In continuing our tradition of manufacturing custom snowboards, the madboards reflect Meredith’s, madgirl’s, unique style and complement it with a high performance, hand-made snowboard,” said Greg Johnston, president of Team Eight Snowboards.

To see the madboards, visit now or stop by the madhouse studio at 275 Commercial St.

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