The group of citizens who have formed to shepherd the project of creating a civic center in the Mathews Bros. building in downtown Belfast is hoping the new Web site,, will provide valuable information to the public, and help to show the importance of having a space in Belfast for large-scale events and performances.

Rick Fitzsimmons, chairman of the group’s technical committee, said, “The Web site is multi-purposed, in that there are places to find out what’s happening with the project, as well as how to volunteer to help and contact the committee.”

There are sections of the Web site that define the project and provide information about progress made to date, including the feasibility study commissioned by the City Council. Other areas include officers’ and committee members’ suggestions for helping as a volunteer, and also provide a place to send comments and suggestions to the committee.

There is also a slide show displaying the model of the proposed civic center with clearly labeled areas of use, including a 400-seat performance space.

For more information about the civic center and how to join the effort, contact or call 338-9506.