Two nights a week at the Belfast Dance Studio, sensei Leo Mazerall of Belfast’s branch of Tracy’s Institute of Self Defense, teaches both adults and youths karate

Recently, Mazerall tested his students for higher ranks. Students Madryn Evans Morgan and Adam Aitken were promoted to a green belt. Marilynn Petit, who is Aitken’s grandmother, was promoted to a yellow belt. Taran Evans Moran was promoted to a purple belt, and Chris Dyer was promoted to third-degree brown belt.

Mazerall’s classes are open to visitors and new students. The classes are for both youth, ages five to 13, and adults, ages 14 and older. The first hour of class, both youth and adult classmates work together, and the last half hour of the class is for the adult classmates only.

Having more than 20 years of martial arts under his belt, Mazerall was tested and received a seventh-degree black belt in 2006.

Tracy’s Institute of Self Defense is based in Ellsworth, but holds classes at the Belfast Dance Studio. For more information, go online at or call Mazerall at 567-3164.

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