Why not Belfast?

In nearly every Midcoast Maine town, you can find posters advertising musical and theater performances, free movies and lectures, etc. In Belfast, most of those posters can be found at the Belfast Co-op bulletin board. But the pity is that so many of the performances are in places like the Strand Theater in Rockland and the Opera House in Camden.

Why not Belfast? Quite simply, there is not a really good performing arts center here. How wonderful it would be to see the same programs and performances in Belfast.

This could be made possible with the proposed Civic Center, which would be located in the now empty former Mathews Bros. building on Spring Street near the harbor. In addition to the obvious uses of the facility for large meetings, small conventions, craft fairs, etc., the center also could be used for first-class musical and theater works.

And the other half of this win-win situation is that it would bring more people to Belfast — something that our downtown businesses could use.

Fodor’s Travel Publications, the largest travel guide company in the world, says in its “Fodor’s Maine Coast” book that Belfast, not Wiscasset or Damariscotta, is the prettiest town on the Midcoast. It’s time our town had a good performance and meeting center.

Stephen Allen



Apples to apples

While we were pleased to see Steve Betts’ story on medical costs varying dramatically across the state, we would like to add one caveat. When making cost comparisons, the reader needs to be sure that he or she is comparing apples to apples.

In the case of the cost comparisons on mammograms based on data through Dec. 27, 2007, it needs to be pointed out that Waldo County General Hospital was already doing digital mammography while some of the hospitals we were compared to were not.

Dan Bennett

Director of Operations

Waldo County General Hospital


No fan of Obama

Health care legislation is terminal. Life support may keep it breathing but it’s over. Something better is getting started. I heard a guy say, “Hey, it’s not their country, it’s our country — the politicians are screwing it up. Let’s kick them the hell out.” Obama’s good buddy Mike Michaud could be first to go.

Obama thinks that borrowing money and creating jobs in public service is creating jobs. Respectfully, Mr. President, you’re a jerk. Creating 200,000 new teaching positions is actually creating 200,000 new taxes. It takes a hundred people working in industry that actually make money to pay the teacher’s salary. No one in public service makes money. They are a tax that gets paid by the people who do make money.

Let’s be honest: Obama wants to redistribute money from Republicans to Democrats and wonders why unemployment keeps increasing. Listen up Obama, if you think that business owners are going to put their money and effort to work on new ideas and products so you can redistribute their earnings to Democrats who are born with their hand out, forget it.

David Huck

Swan Lake


Grange thanks its ‘rescuers’

The efforts of many make big tasks small! This lesson was brought home once again when Harvest Home Grange in Brooks realized it could no longer put off fixing up its Hall. The 1822 Friends Meeting House which serves as the Grange Hall was purchased in 1919 by Harvest Home. And, though a thriving organization for many years, the Grange has found that dwindling membership and scarce funds in recent years have resulted in the historic building falling on very hard times. Clearly, we needed help.

To our rescue have come some very special people. Their generous contributions have resulted in the main meeting space and vestibule being renewed and refreshed. We now have working, reglazed windows; walls and ceilings free of holes; and fresh paint.

We thank Albert L’Etiole, Paul’s True-Value Hardware (Brooks); Rick Alley, Sherwin-Williams (Belfast); Maureen Flanagan, Viking Lumber (Belfast); Shawn Cunningham, Cunningham Painting (Monroe); Michael Moody, Roundy-Farm Greenhouse (Monroe); Carol Hegstrom, Blueberry Shop (Brooks); and Ray Quimby, Congregational Church (Brooks) for supplies and equipment.

For volunteering their time and labor, we thank Emily Braley and Brendan Donovan, seniors at Mount View High School, and the residents of the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center, a program of Volunteers of America and the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. Without everybody’s help and support, we couldn’t have done it!

Members of Harvest Home Grange