The following divorces were recorded in Fifth District Court in Belfast in February.

Ronald Larson of Camden and Lorene Larson of Cape Porpoise, married July 2, 2000, in Reno, Nev.

Paul Yeaton of Belfast and Heather L. Yeaton of Stockton Springs, married December 3, 2005, in Belfast.

William H. Dorrity III of Winterport and Julie R. Dorrity of Ellsworth, married July 3, 1981, in Ellsworth.

James O. Knowlton of Vinalhaven and Susan L. Knowlton of Northport, married Jan. 2, 1999, in Montville.

Thomas Ward of Waldo and Tabitha Ward of Morrill, married March 20, 2004, in Morrill. Shared parental rights of two minor children, primary residence is shared.

Conroy D. Drummond of Owls Head and Shannon M. Drummond of Belfast, married Jan. 10, 2007, in Lincoln, N.H. Shared parental rights of one minor child, primary residence with Shannon Drummond.

James Roderick of Phoenix and Carolann Roderick of Swanville, married May 2, 2008, in Swanville.

Bradford E. Scott of Lincolnville and Donna L. Daly of Owls Head, married Sept. 15, 2001, in Northport.

Jeffery R. Anderson of Frankfort and Vickey L. Anderson of Carmel, married July 28, 2001, in Frankfort.

Dwight M. Collins of Lincolnville and Tanya Kristin Collins of Lincolnville, married Sept. 5, 1998, in Camden. Shared parental rights of two minor children.

Philipp Steger of Spain and Kristen Johnson of Stockton Springs, married Oct. 29, 1999, in Durnstein, Austria.

Jacob Turgeon of South China and Julie Turgeon of Palermo, married Oct. 1, 2005, in Augusta.

James P. Austin of Winterport and Leslie P. Austin of Belfast, married Aug. 20, 2005, in Searsport. Shared parental rights of minor child, primary residence with Leslie Austin.

Lawrence A. Everett of Stockton Springs and Joanie M. Everett of Stockton Springs, married July 4, 1998, in Rockport.

Frank Patterson of Searsport and Karla Patterson of Lakeland, Fla., married Jan. 19, 2008, in Medulla, Fla.

James Crampton of Searsmont and Marilyn Crampton of Augusta, married May 11, 1985.

Amon A. Morse III of Northport and Suzanna K. Morse of Northport, married Nov. 2, 2002, in Northport. Shared parental rights of two minor children, primary residence is shared.

Charles L. Green Jr. of Randolph and Pamela M. Green of Morrill, married Aug. 10, 2002, in Morrill.