Facing no formal opposition on the ballot, incumbent Roland LaReau was re-elected in municipal elections March 2 for another three-year term on the board of selectmen.

LaReau, who received 63 votes, had only a handful of write-in challengers, though one of the names drew a bit more attention than the others. Scott Brown, the recently elected junior U.S. senator from the state of Massachusetts, received one write-in vote.

From the closer-to-home crowd, Joshua Sylvester received two write-in votes and Ralph Harvey and Rexford Kelly each received one write-in vote.

One three-year term on the Regional School Unit 20 school board was available, and with no official candidates on the ballot, three people drew write-in votes. Percy King, a former math teacher in Searsport, received six votes, while Tom Calderwood and Joseph Dubois each received two votes.

Calderwood had been serving on the board, but opted not to run again. Deputy Town Clerk Jeanine Tucker said the seat will be offered first to King; if he declines, it will then be offered to Dubois, as Tucker noted Calderwood’s decision not to run again indicates he would not be interested in the job.

Nine seats were available on the town’s budget advisory committee, and 10 people received votes (some of them were official candidates, while others garnered write-in votes).

The official candidates (and their respective vote totals) were: Rexford Kelly (72), Keith Otis (71), Brian Callahan (69), Percy King (69), Doris Fahlberg (66) and Michael Nahme (66).

Those receiving write-in votes were Tom Calderwood, with seven, and Wayne Hamilton, Amy Nickerson and Joshua Sylvester each receiving two.

Selectman Dick Desmarais, in his Radio Searsport newsletter, explained what will happen next: “The write-in people will be asked if they want to be on the committee. Chances are very good that one person will refuse the position.”

Searsport’s annual town meeting will take place this Saturday, March 6, at 9 a.m. It will be held in the cafetorium at the Searsport District Middle School/High School on Mortland Road.