The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds from Feb. 26 to March 4:



Kent S. Whitney and Tammy L. Whitney to Cody E. Whitney

William J. Richards and Shelby L. Wilbourn to Jeffrey D. Sedlack and Maryann D. Sedlack

Springbrook Hill LLC to Ipswich Maritime Products Co. Inc.

Karna B. Olsson and Philip R. Brown to Karna B. Olsson Living Trust

Charles B. Holmes to Paula H. Cookson



Matthew A. Varney to Derek A. Varney and Angela G. Varney



Charles B. Holmes to Marian F. Holmes

Ty L. Bishop to Javan J. Bishop



Rodney A. Sienkiewicz Living Trust to Linda S. Thierren

Julie Rose to Richard D. Fischbeck



Karl Frederick Weintz to Elizabeth Weintz Cerf, Polly Weintz Sanna, and Eric Courtelyou Weintz

Willey Family Revocable Trust to Harold G. Willey Sr.



Ola C. Maguire Est. to Constance J. Tarbox

Constance J. Tarbox to Constance J. Tarbox and Roscoe D. Tarbox



William A. Pierce to Marie A. Pierce

Barbara Demar Est. to Tobe Demar and Robert A. Demar

Virginia S. Hilyard to Virginia S. Hilyard Declaration of Trust

Andrew Russo to Tobias W. Wincklhofer and Isabella I. Heard

Vinton O. Harkness Jr. to V. O. Harkness Jr. Trust



King Bishop and King E. Bishop to Richard H. LaHaye Jr. and Pamela LaHaye

David Robotham and Patricia Robotham to Richard H. LaHaye Jr. and Pamela LaHaye

Richard H. LaHaye Jr. and Pamela LaHaye to David Robotham and Patricia Robotham



Bernard Warkentin to Steven P. Jacobs Jr. and Aneta Strachota

Beneficial Maine Inc. to Christine A. Saban and Jeffrey L. Malloy

Hope Sasheen St. Dennis to Carl M. St. Dennis and Pamela M. St. Dennis



Basil A. Pearse Jr. and Arlinda J. Pearse to Lori L. Flagg

Raul R. Lopez, Sue C. Garrett and Susan C. Lopez to Ernest F. Therio and Susan M. Therio



Dexter P. Littlefield to Gordon Hebert and LouAnn Hebert

Charles A. Nolan to Barbara J. Nolan

Dorothy L. Robertson to Rhonda A. Robertson and Joann E. Robertson

Anna Maria Kubis to Kubis Family Living Trust


Stockton Springs

Paul A. Roberts to Warren P. Westbo and Veronica D. Westbo



Richard McGray Est. to Michael E. McGray

Lou Lorraine McGray and Molly B. Riley to Michael E. McGray



Jean M. Cyr to Kary J. LaPlante and Raquel LaPlante



Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. to Northwest Housing Fund LLC



Homer Hobbs, Bette A. Brown and Joe D. Hobbs to Jacques Hobbs and Betty L. Hobbs

Nathan C. Cota and Bobby-Jo Cota to Michael E. Berry



David L. Bright to David M. Knupp and Candice I. Knupp

John Hand and Charleen Hand to Central Maine Power Company

R. Charles Morris to Serena J. Morris

SBA Builders Inc. to Rebecca A. Utterback

Ronald Kneeland and Brenda Kneeland to Jarod McBrearity