With a 9-6 record, it is obvious that the Mount View freshmen boys basketball team can play ball. However, what their record doesn’t show is their disadvantage.

“[It] seemed like every game we were outsized,” said coach Pat Cronin. However, he added, that despite their height, “they did a fine job and worked very hard.”

The team included Will Nunn, James Philbrick, Kyle Turner Billy Durand, Aaron Moody, Ricky Moulton, Travis Rednour, Ryan Derby and Cody Downer.

Nunn led scoring while Moulton had the most rebounds, and Philbrick took the lead in steals and assists. Also, Turner had the best free throw ratio and Durand had the most three-point shots.

The team combated their weakness with speed and determination. “We decided early in the season that we were going to press full court and play man to man and it worked for us very well,” Cronin said.

He added that the front court players “did an exceptional job putting pressure on the ball and the guys in the back court denied the pass.”

According to Cronin, the highlight game of the season was away at Winslow. It was around their fourth game of the season against a team with two players around 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Winslow took an early lead, but Cronin called time out and decided to turn the tides. He decided to press hard and won the game 46-25.

“That was a good game,” Cronin said. “That was an exceptional game for the freshmen.”

Cronin said the team saw some real improvement since the beginning of the year, especially in conditioning, but by the end of the season they came together.

For instance, Cronin noted Moulton who, at the beginning of the year, scored a few points each game but by the end had around 14 points a game.

“They became a team,” he said. “They worked really hard. They knew what they had to work on.”

Cronin added that the players put forth a lot of effort. “Hustle-wise, [you] couldn’t ask for a bunch of kids that worked harder than they did,” he said.

The Mount View freshmen boys record was: Camden Hills 60, Mt. View 52; Mt. View 54, Nokomis 35; Mt. View 55, MCI 33; Mt. View 46, Winslow 25; Mt. View 43, Belfast 38; Mt. View 36, Lincoln Academy 49; Medomak Valley 76, Mt. View 47; Mt. View 50, Leavitt 42; Marancook 65, Mt. View 52; Mt. View 64, Waterville 40; Mt. View 48, Camden Hills 53; Mt. View 53, Nokomis 49; MCI 48, Mt. View 41; Mt. View 67, Winslow 35; and Mt. View 61, Belfast 41.

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