The Mount View High School JV boys basketball team has played a respectable season this winter with a 9-6 record and plenty of strong play.

The 12-man squad included Ryan Derby, Jalin Babin, Dylan Turner, Aaron Elkins, Cody Downer, Chris Montminy, Ryan St. Clair, Andrew Gibbs, Taylor Reynolds, Craig Neally, Bobby Porter and Mitch Ryan.

The high scorer for the season was Montminy; Reynolds and Neally tied for the top rebounder; and Babin had the most assists.

In addition, Ryan St. Clair had the most steals and the top three-point shooter of the season was Bobby Porter.

Even though they won plenty of games, five-year freshman coach Pat Cronin said that the team’s best game was their second game against Camden Hills, when the Mustangs won 57-51.

He said that the ‘Jammers played a tough game, but his boys came out and got the job done.

He also said that the team played strong against Lincoln Academy despite the fact the game was a 53-45 loss. Lincoln Academy went undefeated this year, but the ‘Stangs played hard and only gave up the game by eight points.

According to Cronin, the Lincoln Academy coach said the Mustangs played tough and gave them their toughest game to date. Cronin also said he doesn’t think any other team kept Lincoln under 10 points the entire season.

One of the strengths of Mount View’s team was their versatility. Coach Cronin said they were not the tallest team, but they were quick and could adapt.

“The JV team, we played to our strength,” Cronin said. “If we felt we were faster we did press but if our low-post game was going well we would slow things up. We played both ways through the season.”

Overall, Cronin said the season went well. He said he had a good time coaching his boys and is proud of them.

“I just enjoyed the season very much,” Cronin said. “I look foreword to next year with the boys.”

Mount View’s record is as follows: Mt. View 47, Camden Hills 67; Mt. View 53, Nokomis 45; Mt. View 47, MCI 37; Mt. View 46, Winslow 43; Mt. View 50, Belfast 48; Mt. View 45, Lincoln Academy 53; Mt. View 57, Medomak Valley 83; Mt. View 28, Leavitt 40; Mt. View 54, Maranacook 50; Mt. View 44, Waterville 24; Mt. View 57, Camden 51; Mt. View 72, Nokomis 28; Mt. View 33, MCI 40; Mt. View 31, Winslow 32; and Mt. View 72, Belfast 35.

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