The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds from March 5 through March 11:



James Munkelt to Carolyn H. Connors

SAAD Enterprises to Jeffrey A. Gordon and Abigail A. Gordon

Frank M. Holt to Nancy R. Holt



Chase Home Finance LLC, Christopher M. Morse and Randi L. Morse to United States of America — HUD



Freeman A. Rollins Jr. to Ruth M. Rollins



Gretchen Lucchesi Estate to Mathew A. Gerry



Harriet A. Bering to Edgar A. Bering III, Charles C. Bering and Harriet A. B. Hoder

Ernest O. Kuenzig Estate to Lola K. Kuenzig



Alan Soule to Kara M. Soule and David L. Soule

James H. Dunton and Margery P. Dunton HR to James W. Dunton and Jonna D. Horrigan



North Ridge Company and Northridge Company to Mountain View Subdivision Inc.



Town of Montville to Richard Turner and Tammy Turner

Martha L. Derbyshire and Martha L. D. Goodale to Mashall Perot and Nancy V. N. Perot



Town of Northport to Ronald Parkinson and Patricia Parkinson

Town of Northport to Peter Spollett and Susan Spollett

Town of Northport to Mary Clare Parnell

Claramartha B. Gilmer Living Trust to Deborah A. Gilmer, Diane B. Maureis, John D. Gilmer and Robert N. Gilmer



Helen M. Glidden to Elberton H. Glidden

Nancy B. Beecher to Raymond E. Doughty



Oscar H. Bryant Jr. to Denise Bryant

Denise Bryant to Oscar H. Bryant Jr.

Denise Bryant to Oscar H. Bryant Jr.

Oscar H. Bryant Jr. to Denise Bryant



Kimberly A. Richards and Kimberly A. Ricker to Cameron B. Watson


Stockton Springs

Federal National Mortgage Association to Marilyn Shaver



BAC Home Loans Servicing LP and Kevin G. Trott to BAC Home Loans Servicing LP



Robert Sylvester HRS, Helen Dawson, Marie Bishop, Barbara A. Cote, Thelma Bishop, Christine Bishop and Barbara A. Harrington to Peter W. Pratt and Brian S. Pratt

Robert E. Sylvester Estate to Peter W. Pratt and Brian S. Pratt



John B. Rogers to Marcel St. Denis and Maureen St. Denis

SBA Builders Inc. to Christopher C. Rodway and Maegan E. Rodway

Bernard Ginn and Sons Inc. to Bernard D. Ginn Jr. and Sonja M. Ginn