High school cheerleaders of the future, who undoubtedly have visions of winning state championships dancing in their heads, got their chance to perform on one of the state’s grandest stages recently to compete for state titles of their own.

The 14th annual State Junior High School/Elementary Cheering Championships took place Saturday, March 6 at the Bangor Auditorium, under the direction of the Calais Recreation Department.

Teams from Rockland, Thomaston, Waldoboro and Mount View all participated in the day-long tournament, all finding varying degrees of success along the way.

The competition featured five different age groups: Rising Stars (pre-kindergarten to second grade), Shooting Stars (grades 2-4), Shining Stars (grades 4-6), Northern Stars (grades 3-8) and Super Stars (grades 6-8). There are also three different divisions (1-3), with one being the most advanced of the three divisions.

Rockland had two teams in Northern Stars Division I and Super Stars Division 2, while Waldoboro (Medomak) also had teams in both Shining Stars Division 1 and Super Stars Division 3. Thomaston (Lura Libby) also had teams in both Shooting Stars Division 1 and Super Stars Division 3, while Mount View participated in both Northern Stars Division 1 and Super Stars Division 3.

Waldoboro was the top placing team among Midcoast squads, taking home a first-place finish in Shining Stars Division 1. Rockland took second place in the Super Stars Division 2, while Medomak took home a second-place finish in the Super Stars Division 3.

Team scores for each age group with local participants were:

Shooting Stars Division 1 (Grades 2-4) — Gardiner, 107.8; Mt. Blue, 93; Lura Libby, 44.7.

Shining Stars Division 2 (Grades 4-6) — Mt. Blue, 100.7; Warren, 91.9.

Shining Stars Division 1 (Grades 4-6) — Waldoboro, 91.9.

Northern Stars Division 1 (Grades 4-6) — Lamoine, 117.3; Carmel, 110.5; Peninsular, 92.3; Calais, 85.8; Mt. View, 67.8; Rockland, 48.6.

Super Stars Division 3 (Grades 6-8) — Houlton, 117.3; Medomak, 115.1; Waterville, 97.3; Rose Gaffney, 92.5; Dirigo, 90.4; Hancock, 90; Thomaston, 72.9; Mount View, 71.8.

Super Stars Division 2 (Grades 6-8) — Ellsworth, 122.9; Rockland, 112.9; Caribou, 95.6.