Noting that the deadline coincided with Maine Statehood Day, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap announced March 15 that 551 individuals had filed as candidates for the June 8 primary elections for various federal, state and county offices.

Filers included 12 candidates for governor and four candidates for the United States House of Representatives. Additionally, 426 candidates for the 186 seats in the Maine State Legislature submitted petitions. Of those 426 legislative candidates, 77 filed for the 35-member State Senate and 349 filed for the 151-member House. There are also 109 candidates seeking various county offices.

“This is an important moment in the 2010 election cycle,” said Dunlap. “Today’s deadline establishes the pool of candidates for the June 8 primary election. Voters can now evaluate the field of candidates and begin their decision-making process.”

Candidates seeking their party’s nomination for county, state and federal offices were required by law to obtain signatures from members of their political party in the district they wish to represent, to have those signatures verified by the clerks in those towns, and to submit the verified and duly notarized petitions to the Secretary of State prior to the close of business March 15.

The numbers of party signatures required for placement on the June ballot were as follows:

• Governor: 2,000
• Representative to Congress: 1,000
• State Senator: 100
• Representative to the Legislature: 25
• County Commissioner: 50
• Other County Officers: 150

The office of U.S. Senator is not up for election in Maine in 2010.

Candidates who are successful in obtaining their party’s nomination in June will then appear on the November general election ballot.

Non-party candidates — individuals not enrolled in a qualified political party — have until June 1 to submit their signatures to appear on the November election ballot. While they have longer to circulate petitions, and can collect them from any registered voter in the district they wish to represent regardless of party enrollment status, they must gather twice as many signatures.

Federal office

U.S. Congress — 2nd District

Republican Jason J. Levesque, of Auburn, and Democrat Michael H. Michaud (the incumbent), of East Millinocket, were the only candidates to secure spots on the June ballot.

Statewide office


Seven Republican candidates and five Democratic candidates will be competing for their respective parties’ nomination on June 8.

On the Republican side, candidates include: Steven Abbott, Portland; William H. Beardsley, Ellsworth; Matthew C. Jacobson, Cumberland; Paul R. LePage, Waterville; S. Peter Mills, Cornville; Leslie B. Otten, Greenwood; and Bruce Poliquin, Georgetown.

On the Democratic side, candidates include: Patrick McGowan, Hallowell; Elizabeth H. Mitchell, Vassalboro; John G. Richardson, Brunswick; Glen Steven Rowe, Portland; and Rosa W. Scarcelli, Portland.

Waldo County offices

State Senate District 23
Representing all of Waldo County
Neither Democrat John F. Piotti of Unity (currently representing House District 45) nor Republican Michael D. Thibodeau of Winterport (currently representing House District 42) is facing any competition in the primary election.

Republican Carol Weston of Montville, the county’s current state senator, was barred from running again this year because of term limits.

House District 41
Representing Frankfort, Prospect, Searsport, Stockton Springs and the Hancock County towns of Orland and Verona Island
No one is challenging either Republican James S. Gillway of Searsport or Democrat Veronica Magnan of Stockton Springs (the incumbent) in the primary election.

House District 42
Representing Brooks, Jackson, Monroe, Swanville, Waldo and Winterport
Three candidates from this district met the March 15 filing deadline, but each one is from a different political party, meaning there will be no primary contests here. Former State Legislator Joseph E. Brooks of Winterport is the lone candidate on the Democratic ballot, Monroe resident Kenneth John Cole is running as a Green Independent and Peter B. Rioux, also of Winterport, is the only candidate who will be on the Republican ballot.

House District 43
Representing Belfast, Belmont and Northport
Neither Republican Lewis H. Baker nor Democrat Erin D. Herbig is facing any competition in the primary election. Both candidates are from Belfast.

Republican Jayne Crosby Giles of Belfast, the current District 43 representative, chose not to seek re-election this year.

House District 44
Representing Islesboro, Liberty, Lincolnville, Morrill, Searsmont and the Knox County towns of Appleton and Hope
No one is challenging either Andrew R. O’Brien of Lincolnville (the incumbent) or Republican Wendy P. Pelletier of Hope in the primary election.

House District 45
Representing Burnham, Freedom, Knox, Montville, Palermo, Thorndike, Troy and Unity
There will be a three-way race on the Republican side, as three men from Palermo are seeking to be that party’s candidate in the general election in November. Paul A. Cowing, R. Ryan Harmon and Peter M. Sheff all met the March 15 filing deadline to get on the primary ballot. Democrat Helen M. Sahadi of Thorndike, meanwhile, is facing no competition in the primary election.

County Commissioner — District 1
Representing Belfast, Belmont, Islesboro, Northport, Lincolnville and Waldo
No one is challenging either Republican Donald P. Berry Sr. of Belmont (the incumbent) or Democrat Betty I. Johnson of Lincolnville in the primary election.

County Treasurer
Current County Treasurer David A. Parkman of Palermo, a Republican, was the only candidate from any party to secure a spot on the June ballot.

Register of Deeds
Current Register of Deeds Deloris Page of Belfast, a Republican, was the only candidate from any party to secure a spot on the June ballot.

Current Sheriff Scott L. Story of Monroe, a Republican, was the only candidate from any party to secure a spot on the June ballot.

District Attorney — District 6
Representing Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc and Waldo Counties
Current District Attorney Geoffrey A. Rushlau of Dresden, a Republican, was the only candidate from any party to secure a spot on the June ballot.