On Saturday, April 3 volunteers from Belfast and the surrounding area are invited to join the Friends of Belfast Parks for its annual “clean-up” of the city’s downtown parks. Volunteers will meet at the Belfast Common amphitheater at 8 a.m. and disperse from there to Heritage Park, Steamboat Landing and the Common to pick up waste left by dogs over the winter.

The early start time this year in Belfast is due to the children’s Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for later that morning at Steamboat Landing.

Debbie Hockensmith, coordinator for the event locally, stated that “again this year our goal is not only to clean up the parks, but to call attention to the problems caused by dog owners who fail to pick up after their dogs as required by city ordinance. Dog feces carry parasites and bacteria, attract vermin and flies, detract from the appearance of streets and green spaces and contaminate bay waters. What more reason could there be for picking up? Although most pet owners do pick up, there continues to be a small number of irresponsible pet owners who do not pick up after their pets, thus jeopardizing the health of many others.”

Participants will be provided with gloves, scoopers and bags. Please come out to help clean up for the Easter Egg Hunt, the appearance of the parks and for the general health of dogs and people in the city.

On the same day, the Friends of the Eastern Promenade in Portland will be hosing its 19th annual April Stool’s Day.