Members of the Belfast Civic Center Committee met with the City Council on Monday evening, March 8 for a workshop about the viability of developing a civic center in the Mathews Brothers building located just off Main Street in downtown Belfast. Six members of the committee and the five members of the Council and Mayor Walter Ash focused on the details of creating a center where large events and performances could take place. The emphasis was on the costs for the city as well as the returns to the Belfast economy.

As part of the discussion the comparison of the Crosby School building and the Mathews Brothers building was on the table, due to the fact that the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped is now willing to consider selling the former school. A walk-through at the Crosby building was scheduled recently (the Council members have already been through the Mathews Brothers building), and, following that, the committee was to work up a side-by-side comparison of the Mathews Brothers site and the Crosby facility to determine which would be best for developing a multipurpose civic center for Belfast.

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