The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds from March 15 through March 18:



Karna B. Olsson and Philip R. Brown to Philip R. Brown Living Trust

Springbrook Hill LLC to Francis C. Marsano

Deborah D. Hustus and Anthony D. Hustus to Bruce Avery



William B. Hegstrom, Carol Hegstrom, Bruce P. Hegstrom, Sherry Hegstrom, Steven M. Hegstrom and Kim Hegstrom to Randy M. Hegstrom and Toni R. Wagner-Hegstrom



Lauri Philbrick to Kevin O’Kelly



James C. Solomon and Andrea L. Solomon to James C. Solomon Revocable Trust



RALI 2005Q517 to Kristin A. Bickford and Nicholas C. Heal



Hamilton D. South III and Karen J. South to Neal C. Foley and Kathy M. Foley



William A. Clifford to William A. Clifford, Carolyn A. Musgrave, Susan McLaughlin and Elizabeth M. Adamz

John T. O’Neill and Lori J. O’Neill to John S. Tuttle and Nancy M. Tuttle



Joseph D. Pelletier Sr. to Joseph D. Pelletier Sr. and Cheryl Pelletier



Suzanne Humphries to Donna M. Gates



Milford W. Atwood and Cynthia M. Atwood to Rebekka Freeman

Gayle K. Bailey and Deborah Gayle Bailey to Gayle. K Bailey Living Trust


Stockton Springs

Sue E. Bigney Revocable Trust to Daniel O. Creagan



Timothy C. Sweetland and Sandra Sweetland to Kurt Moulton