Without any ordinances to approve or other big-ticket items to deal with, according to Town Clerk Sharon Moody, voters here focused on traditional town meeting topics — financial matters — during the annual town meeting held March 27.

“It was all just straightforward budget items,” said Moody of the meeting.

Town officials had presented a municipal budget with a bottom line of $517,070, down $8,356 from last year’s budget. Residents approved the newer, leaner budget as presented, Moody said.

Of that $517,070, the amount to be raised from taxes will be $254,957.

On the subject of requests from social-service agencies, Moody explained that the town’s budget committee has a requirement that any group or agency wishing to receive money from the town must submit a petition with signatures from at least 25 Troy residents on it to be considered.

Seven organizations met that threshold this year, Moody said, and they requested a total of $3,039. Townspeople decided to give each group $250, for a total of $1,750.

Moody said several politicians stopped by and spoke at the meeting, and the Grange put on its traditional lunch. About 36 people attended the meeting, Moody said.

In municipal elections held a day earlier, 88 voters went to the polls. They elected Tom Byron to a three-year term on the board of selectmen, over Ted Barnes, who received 25 votes. Brett Irving, who was running unopposed, was elected to another three-year term as forest trustee with 80 votes.

No one met the requirements to have their name on the ballot to run for a three-year term on the SAD 3 school board after the incumbent, Karen Carlson, opted not to run again. Moody said two people mounted write-in campaigns, however, and Rachel Katz received 23 votes, while Robert Clifford got 16.

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