In the early morning hours on March 27, Midcoast wrestlers from Rockland, Medomak, Mount View, Belfast and the Mid-Coast Wrestling Club set out for Noble High School to hit the mats in the Maine Youth State Championship.

There were 513 wrestlers preregistered for the event.

Other wrestlers in attendance were from Lebanon, Mountain Valley, Lincoln, Oxford Hills, Wells, Sanford/Springvale Youth Athletic Association, North Berwick, Berwick, Massabesic, Winslow, Bonny Eagle, Mousam Valley, Kennebunk, Marshwood, Skowhegan, Farmington Mat Cats, Hermon, Peaks Island, Oak Hill, Westbrook, Eagles Wrestling Club, Portland Youth Wrestling, Nokomis, Dirigo, Kratos, Fryeburg and Portland.

Each of the five local teams that were at the championship realized success, having at least one of their wrestlers achieve a medal in their respective classes. Rockland, the newest wrestling troupe in the area, came home with five medals, as did Belfast. Mount View took home four, Medomak three and the Mid-Coast Wrestling Club nabbed one.

Results for the local wrestlers who placed among the top four for their weight class (the numbers published are not actual weights, but divisions created for certain weight classes) were:

Mount View — Zack Ward, fourth at 14.0; Elijah Hebert, third at 15.0; Mark Ward, first at 20.0; and Seth Padelford, first at 38.0.

Belfast — Gavynn Young, fourth at 1.0; Cadin Bonin, third at 2.0; Landon Nichols, third at 26.0; Jacob Racioppi, first at 37.0; and Jacob Waterman, second at 40.0.

MCWC — Noah Lang, second at 28.0.

Rockland — Karl Ilvonen, fourth at 19.0; Devin Ward, second at 26.0; Ben Ripley second at 27.0; Connor McGonagle, first at 28.0; and Elvis Smith, first at 39.0.

Medomak — Duncan Widdecombe, third at 16; Korbin Daniels, third at 35; and Owen Gilbert, first at 53.

Individual results for area wrestlers were:

Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten

1.0 — Gavynn Young, Bel, pinned Danny Marquis, Wells, at 0:42; lost to James Blood, Lebanon, 4-1; pinned Nate Holland, Lincoln, at 0:51; and lost to Trent Holman, MtVal, 6-4.

2.0 — Cadin Bonin, Bel, won by major decision over Sam Schmitt, Winslow, 9-1; pinned by Xander Brown, Bonny Eagle, at 0:22; beat Samuel Gagner, N. Berwick, 7-5; and beat Colby Lindsay, Berwick, 6.0.

4.0 — Giles, Mt. View, was pinned by Garret Newsome, Marshwood, at 0:42; and was pinned by Bradley Foster, Mousam Valley, at 0:44.

Caleb Brown, Mt. View, lost by major decision, 10-2, to Garret Dickinson, Kennebunk; and was defeated by Travis Foster, Mousam Valley, 4-0.

5.0 — Mason Kenney, Mt. View, was pinned by Ian Tasker, Berwick, at 0:06; pinned Preston Steeves, Massabesic, at 0:05; and was pinned by Aydin Rix-McElhinney, Marshwood, at 0:45.


12.0 — Eric Andrews, MCWC, pinned Alexander Lanigan, Lebanon, at 1:59; lost to Eli Blodgette, Skowhegan, 4-3; and was lost to Owen Sullivan, Marshwood, 3-0.

Dawson Wall, Med, was pinned by Eli Blodgette, Skow, at 1:48; and lost by technical fall to Alexander Lanigan, Leb, 18-2.

13.0 — Daegan Giles, Mt. View, won by major decision over Arthur Dion, MtVal, 16-4; lost by major decision to Ben Johnson, Kenn., 11-2; and lost by injury default to Garret Francoeur, Mass.

14.0 — Zack Ward, Mt. View, was pinned by Dominic DeFalco, Leb, at 0:59; defeated, Tucker Desmarais, N. Berwick, 8-4; pinned Codey Wilde, Mass, at 1:37; and lost to Devin Bickford, Mousam Valley, 12-6.

15.0 — Ryan Lewis, Rock, was pinned by Sean Radel, Kenn, at 0:45; and lost to Frankie Wells, Oxford Hills, 3-1.

Elijah Hebert, Mt. View, pinned Logan Rendell, N. Berwick, at 1:48; was pinned by Trent Bedard, Leb, at 2:45; beat Frankie Wells, OH, 8-5; and pinned Logan Rendell, N. Berwick, at 1:24.

16.0 — Duncan Widdecombe, Med, pinned Drew Stevens, Wells, at 0:43; lost to Carsen Goodwin, Marshwood, 4-2; defeated Devin Cyr, Westbrook, 11-4; and beat Daniel Farrell, Oak Hill, 12-9.

18.0 — Lucas Aimes, MCWC, lost by major decision to Anthony Mazza Jr, MtVal, 10-2; pinned Izaih Doucette, Wells, at 0:51; and was defeated by Ryan Schoff, Marshwood, 7-3.

Hunter Blood, Bel, was defeated by Ryan Schoff, Marsh, 5-2; pinned Joshua Burgess, Wells, at 2:48; and was pinned by Griffinn Gower, Leb, at 0:48.

19.0 — Karl Ilvonen, Rock, pinned Jordan Snow, Leb, at 1:48; was pinned by Matthew Thompson, Marsh, at 1:20; defeated Michael Yates, Rock, 5-2; and was pinned by Matthew Beerworth, N. Berwick, at 1:38.

Michael Yates, Rock, was pinned by Sam Martel, Leb, at 1:43; pinned Kaleb Fenoff, Wells, at 0:42; and was defeated by Karl Ilvonen, Rock, 5-2.

20.0 — Mark Ward, Mt. View, pinned Henry Willey, Nokomis, at 0:28; defeated Travis Soule, PYW, 11-7; and pinned Cody Holman, Eagles Wrestling Club, at 1:33.


25.0 — Wyatt Staples, Belf, was pinned by Micah Riportella, Winslow, at 1:26; and was pinned by Adam Genereux, Mousam Valley, at 1:12.

26.0 — Devin Ward, Rock, pinned Holden Ganiere, Berwick, at 1:30; defeated Jacob Booth, Nokomis, 11-10; and was pinned by Brian Lindsay, Berwick, at 0:40.

Landon Nichols, Bel, defeated Ethan Rac, Oak Hill, 4-0; was defeated by Brian Lindsay, Berwick, 6-0; defeated Jaden Davis, Oxford Hills, 5-0; and defeated, Ethan Rac, Oak Hill, 5-1.

27.0 — Ben Ripley, Rock, won by major decision, 8-1, over Patrick Curtis, Bel; defeated Jon Wainwright, Dirigo, 2-0; and lost by major decision to Russell Damon, Oxford Hills, 9-0.

Patrick Curtis, Bel, lost by major decision to Ben Ripley, Rock, 8-1; and was pinned by Coby Johnson, Berwick, at 0:30.

28.0 — Noah Lang, MCWC, pinned Lane LeBlan, Skow, at 0:58; defeated Jordan Giroux, Leb, 6-4; and lost by major decision to Connor McGonagle, Rock, 10-0.

Chase Curry, Bel, defeated Ben Dorval, Winslow, 7-4; lost to Connor McGonagle, Rock, 6-0; and was defeated by Lane LeBlanc, Skow, 4-1.

Connor McGonagle, Rock, pinned, Dylan Markham, Marsh, at 2:47; defeated Chase Curry, Bel, 6-0; and won by major decision over Noah Lang, MCWC, 10-0.

32.0 — Lenard Wall, Med, pinned Carter Marshell, Marsh, at 0:43; lost to Alex Brown, Oxford Hills, 5-4; and was defeated by Shane Patterson, Bonny Eagle, 8-5.

34.0 — Jordan Brown, Mt. View, was pinned by Nathan Ricker, Berwick, at 0:26; and was pinned by Hunter Wentworth, Marsh, at 2:42.

35.0 — Donald Resh III, Bel, was pinned by Collin Cyr, Leb, at 0:22; defeated Kade Long, Rock, 10-9; and was pinned by Korbin Daniels, Med, at 1:13.

Kade Long, Rock, was pinned by Andrew Haining, Hermon, at 2:00; and was defeated by Donald Resh III, Belf, 10-9.

Korbin Daniels, Med, won by major decision over Chuck Russell, Leb, 13-0; pinned by Hil Keisker, Berwick, at 0:49; pinned Donald Resh III, Bel, at 1:13; and pinned Collin Cyr, Leb, at 1:32.

37.0 — Jacob Racioppi, Bel, defeated Johnathan Nadeau, Skow, 4-3; pinned Nolan Potter, Wells, at 2:53; and defeated James Thompson, Marsh, 3-2.

38.0 — Seth Padelford, MtVal, defeated Austin Pelletier, Winslow, 5-0; pinned Jacob Ward, Skow, at 1:33; and pinned Jackson Vandenberg, Berwick, at 1:38.

39.0 — Elvis Smith, Rock, pinned Josh Burke, Eagles Wrestling Club, at 0:52; won by major decision over Nathan Watson, Kratos, 13-2; and pinned Gavyn Jones, Skow, at 1:50.

40.0 — Jacob Waterman, Bel, received a bye; pinned Alex Benge, Hermon, at 0:34; and lost to Ryan Fredette, Winslow, 1-0.


47.0 — Elijah Ames, MCWC, was pinned by Jon Stacy, Marsh, at 0:15; and was pinned by Jacob Turner, Bonny Eagle, at 2:54.

50.0 — Kyle Donlin, Med, was pinned by Otto Keisker, Berwick, at 0:53; and lost by major decision to Hunter Sprague, Skow, 15-4.

52.0 — Jacob Harford, Bel, lost to Jesse Pelletier, MtVal, 5-1; won by major decision, 9-0, over Robert Taylor, Berwick; and lost to Patrick Saunders, Kenn, 6-5.

53.0 — Owen Gilbert, Med, pinned Jessica Keene, Mousam Valley, at 0:58; pinned Kyle Colburn-Grono, Mass, at 0:40; and defeated Nathan Bynum, Leb, 5-3.

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