The following divorces were recorded in Fifth District Court in Belfast in March.

Richard Farmer of Belfast and Lorraine Farmer of Winterport, married June 18, 2005, in Searsport.

Bruce H. Boon of Brooks and Melinda A. Boon of Brooks, married Dec. 27, 1997, in Brooks.

Michael A. Hernandez of Monroe and Jessica L. Hernandez of Limington, married July 14, 2007.

David O. Christianson of Swanville and Helen Christianson of Swanville, married Dec. 21, 1992, in Swanville.

Kerry Gene Merrifield of Knox and Dianna Marie Merrifield of Knox, married June 26, 1993, in Brooks. Shared parental rights of two children, primary residence with Dianna Merrifield.

Kenneth D. Phillips of Searsport and Donna S. Phillips of Stockton Springs, married Aug. 25, 2000, in Dedham. Shared parental rights of three children, primary residence is shared.

Michael Stover of Waldo and Veronica Stover of Belfast, married May 13, 2006, in Waldo. Shared parental rights of one child, primary residence with Veronica Stover.

Corey B. Porter of Monroe and Michelle A. Porter of Jackson, married April 19, 1996, in Dixmont. Shared parental rights of four children, primary residence is shared.

Daniel W. Breault of Warren and Laura B. Breault of Knox, married Dec. 23, 1990, in Freedom. Shared parental rights of one child, primary residence with Laura Breault.

Darren R. Pelletier of Burnham and Whitney D. M. Pelletier of Burnham, married Nov. 1, 2008, in Burnham. Sole parental rights of one child granted to Whitney Pelletier.

Michael J. Basso of Winterport and Brandy J. Basso of Belfast, married Sept. 17, 2000, in Bangor.

Robert A. MacDonald of Lincolnville and Doris E. MacDonald of Camden, married Aug. 25, 1984, in Camden.

Mark J. Goguen of Searsmont and Crystal D. Goguen of Searsmont, married Oct. 9, 1994, in Bucksport. Shared parental rights of two children.

Aaron S. Talgo of Frankfort and Sarah Talgo of Frankfort, married Aug. 7, 2004, in Stockton Springs. Shared parental rights of one child, primary residence is shared.

Harold Austin of Searsport and Karen Austin of Northport, married Nov. 11, 2003, in Belfast.

Jason C. Moulton of Belfast and Heidi J. Moulton of Belfast, married March 17, 2007, in Swanville.