Dr. Paul R. Mazur, an internal medicine physician, has joined the staff at Waldo County General Hospital. His special interests are chronic disease management and the long-term primary medical care of persons with mental illness.

Dr. Mazur and his wife, Juliet Baker, moved from Boston to Bayside in August 2007, into a home that had been in his wife’s family since the 1950s, but was rebuilt and winterized. He then worked at the Togus VA Medical Center in Augusta from September 2007 until this past December.

In a happy coincidence, Mazur will now be reunited with a former medical school classmate, Dr. John Gage, emergency room doctor at WCGH, and Belfast resident since the 1980s. Mazur said that as students at Penn State, he and Gage used to talk about going into family practice together in Maine. That plan never materialized, but now they will be practicing at the same hospital.

Mazur has an extensive background in working with the elderly, homeless, mentally ill and those with substance abuse issues. He said Maine is hurting for primary-care physicians, and that the problem is only going to get worse as many now in practice are reaching retirement age.

“The state needs to find ways to provide medical services,” he said, adding that he worked as preceptor to medical students at Togus and would like to continue doing so with Tufts students scheduled for clinical rotations at WCGH in the future. He has also taught over the years at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Dr. Mazur’s office at WCGH will be located in Suite 103 of the Cobb Medical Building in space shared with Dr. Steven Wilson. To make an appointment, call 338-5440.