Editor’s note: Each week in the Wednesday edition of The Herald Gazette/The Republican Journal sports supplement, VillageSoup publishes a photo or photos and asks those in the photo to explain what they were thinking at the moment the photo was taken. The photo that appeared in the March 31 edition is included here:

Like a few other paddlers, Dan Ford, 21, of Hope and Calen Erskine, 21, of Rockport had a little trouble navigating the whitewater near the Robbins Mill bridge on Ghent Road during the 31st annual St. George River Race March 27. Ford and Erskine tipped their canoe, but tried valiantly to continue the race, with Ford, shown here, trying to get the canoe emptied and back in the race as other paddlers come down the river from behind. The two friends never made it to back in the race. “After we were in the rapids for a few minutes, we rolled over, spilling both of us,” Ford said. “During the first few minutes, I stayed with the boat and tried to get back in it; however, there was too much water in the boat to keep it afloat. I was also trying to not get knocked in the head by it. My partner, Calen Erskine, somehow got sent to the opposite side of the river, about 40 feet away. I got the canoe down closer to him, and that’s where it got wedged between the rocks, [when I was] trying to hand it off to him. The pressure of the water flowing down into it was unreal. We could barely budge it. Once it got wedged, my thoughts changed from trying to finish the race, to just trying to get the boat back in shore without breaking something. Calen was a wimp and was too cold anyway. After it happened, I got a ride back to where my truck was at the start of the race, to hook a chain from it to my truck; however by the time I got back, two firefighters, one with a drysuit, were able to free it, and I got back just in time to get [the canoe] out of the water. Overall, it was fun. We might even try to go down [the river] again in the next few weeks.”