On Friday, April 2, the Troy Howard Middle School and Searsport District Middle School math teams participated in the third and final Kennebec Valley Regional Math League competition of the school year. The meet took place at the China Conference Center — other participating middle-school teams included Winslow, Vassalboro, Pittsfield and China.

Each school may enter up to two teams of four students per grade level with a total of eight teams. Two alternates at each grade level may also compete, with a total of 30 students from each school. Ribbons are awarded to the top 10 individual scorers at each grade level and the top five teams in each grade.

The competition is divided into three events:
1. Individual Round (no calculators) — 25 minutes
2. Special Round (calculators permitted) — 15 minutes
3. Team Round (calculators permitted) — 25 minutes

RSU 20 final math meet team members and results

Sixth-Grade Teams
THMS Team 2 – 1st place
Rick Wyman- 1st place
Alexis Racioppi – 4th place
Andrew Gougen – 5th place (tie)
Zeke Ventura – 5th place (tie)

THMS Team 1 – 2nd place
Phillip Wich- 2nd place
Kevin Miller
Jackson Winslow – 5th place (tie)
Patrick Groening – 3rd place

SDMS/THMS combined team 1 – 4th Place
Megan McKeon (SDMS) – Honorable Mention
Kendall Szumilas (SDMS)
Jordon Bickford (THMS)
Alex Morse (THMS)

THMS Alternates:
Ashley Flanders
Katie King
Jessica Clapp

Seventh-Grade Teams
SDMS Team 1 – 1st place
Jay Burkhard – 2nd place
Alyssa Burkhard – 4th place
Alex Woodward – 7th place (tie)
Kaitlyn Robinson

THMS alternate
Will Hyland- 7th place (tie)

Eighth-Grade Teams
SDMS Team 1 – 4th place
Calisha Boyington
Arianna Tang
Allison Walker – 7th place
Julian Cross

THMS Team 1- 3rd place
Asa Lewis – 6th place
David Flood
Jack Schnetzer
Logan Parker

THMS/SDMS combined team 2
Jessie Knight – Honorable Mention
Dustin Chambers
Kyah Watson – Fountaine
Shane Hanson (SDMS)

Overall year-end regional results

Sixth Grade:
Phillip Wich – 1st place
Andrew Groening – 2nd place
Alexis Racioppi – 3rd place
Rick Wyman – 4th place
Zeke Ventura – 6th place
Jackson Winslow – 8th place
THMS Team 1 – 1st place and Team 2 – 2nd place

Seventh Grade:
Jay Burkard – 1st place
Alyssa Burkard – 2nd place
Alex Woodward- 5th place
SDMS Team 1 – 1st place

Team Coaches
Glen Widmer, THMS math teacher
Josh Toothaker, SDMS science teacher
Jacquie Kahn, RSU 20 Extended Learning Program