The Waldo County YMCA will host a unique family triathlon on Saturday, May 15.

The event will include triathlons for both adults/teenagers and children, and include swims in the YMCA’s indoor pool and biking and running outdoors.

There will be no race day registration and, due to the limited number of slots, registration will be available only online through the Waldo County YMCA website. To access that site, click here.

The adult/teenager triathlon, which includes a 525-yard swim, 12.2-mile bike and 3.5-mile run, will start in the morning, while the children, who will have different, shorter distances for their three events, will be in the afternoon. Proceeds from the event will benefit YMCA children’s scholarship program.

The adults and older teenager will begin at 8 a.m. and the children (ages 13 and younger) at 1 p.m. The 7-and-younger group will begin its swim at 1 p.m., while those ages 8-10 will start at 1:30 p.m. and those ages 11-13 at 2 p.m.

The entry fees are: adult YMCA member $60 and non-member $75; teenage YMCA member $45 and non-member $60; relay team YMCA member and non-member $120; and youth YMCA member $25 and non-member $35.

Adult/teenage triathlon

Swimming will take place in the Tom and Sally Savage pool. The 525-yard leg (21 lengths) will be run with wave starts. The six-lane pool will hold 12 racers at a time, with two swimmers sharing a lane. Once all the swimmers in a wave finish, the next wave will start immediately.

It is important swimmers give YMCA officials accurate swim times for the 525-yard distance in order for the organizers to keep the race running smoothly. To determine a swimmer’s time, swimmers should time themselves swimming 525 yards prior to the triathlon.

YMCA officials will keep a 20-minute time limit for racers to complete the swim. If you cannot finish the swim within 20 minutes, we must ask you to get out of the pool and continue with the rest of the race. At that point, a participant will be racing ‘unofficially’ and ineligible for awards.

The bike racers will exit the pool area through a carpeted indoor hallway and enter the gymnasium which contains the transition area.

The 12.2-mile bike course starts immediately outside the building, then turns southwest on Route 52. The ride is a loop course on paved roads. There will be flaggers and law enforcement officials at the key intersections as well as motorcycle marshals with each wave. The terrain is mostly flat with rolling hills, both scenic and safe. There will be no drafting — enforced by the marshals — permitted on the bike course.

Should a racer have a malfunction or breakdown, race organizer will have a chase vehicle to help. Should one need assistance with a repair, that competitor will be allowed to finish the race but be considered unofficial and ineligible for awards.

The 3.5-mile loop run will start at the transition area in the YMCA gymnasium and follow Route 52. The terrain is mostly flat with a few rolling hills on pavement. There will be aid and water stations at each mile of the race.

Racers will finish at the main entrance to the YMCA.

The morning race will be timed by All Sports Events. YMCA officials will use chip timing to give racers splits for each leg of the race as well as time in transition. Timing chips are attached to a soft, comfortable Velcro strap which must be worn on the ankle.

The YMCA will offer a limited number of slots to teams. A team can be made up of male, female or coed participants. Teams will receive one chip that will need to be transferred from one racer to the next.

Racers will enjoy food and drink after the race. The morning’s race award ceremony will start at approximately noon.

The awards will include: Top overall male and female; top male and female for ages 19 and younger, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70 and older; and top relay teams for male, female and coed.

Children’s triathlon

The goal of the children’s triathlon is to get youngsters excited about participating in the sport of triathlon. For this reason, YMCA officials said, they will not time the children. Instead, all young racers will receive an award for finishing as well as a triathlon t-shirt.

Like the adults, the children will start swimming in the YMCA pool. After their wave is completed, they will be taken into the locker room where they will have a chance to dry off and change into their biking and running gear.

Volunteers and parents will help usher children to the nearby bike course (a closed loop in a neighboring school parking lot). Children will run on the Troy Howard Middle School’s cross-country course adjacent to the bike course

There are 48 slots per age group for the children’s event.

The triathlon distances for the children’s age groups are:

7 and younger — 25-yard swim, 600-yard bike (one loop of the bike course) and quarter-mile run.

8 to 10 — 50-yard swim, 1,200-yard bike and half-mile run.

11 to 13 — 100-yard swim, 1,800-yard bike and one-mile run.

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