MaKayla Reed, a student from Belfast who is attending Ellsworth High School for a year, has been nominated to go to the National Student Leadership Conference’s 10-day program on U.S. Policy and Politics. This program allows high school students with academic achievements and leadership potential to work in a field that interests them for 10 days and experience it firsthand.

The U.S. Policy and Politics Program will include a presidential campaign simulation, U.S. Senate simulation, and visits to Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, Department of State, historic Washington, D.C., monuments, The Smithsonian Institution, and Mount Vernon. With this program, participants must pay tuition, housing and travel. In total, MaKayla will need to raise about $3,500 by the end of April to attend this program in July.

She worked with the Democratic committee on the 2008 election campaign in Waldo County, and since transferring to Ellsworth High School last fall, she has organized student activism for No on One as well as helping with phone banks, rallies and other activities to support health-care reform. She’s engaged her peers and inspired older volunteers with her dedication and enthusiasm.

To help raise money to get to Washington, D.C., she will hold a bottle drive for those who wish to donate their cans and bottles. For bottle pickup or drop off, call Brenda Reed at 338-0061.