Chuck Gerry’s grandfather, Charles Harrigan, wasn’t a fisherman — he was a logger — but it seemed fitting to make him the namesake of his seafood company.

“We didn’t want to just make up any old name for our company,” said Rachelle Cummings-Gerry, Chuck’s wife and co-owner of Harrigan’s Seafood Company in Belfast. “We wanted to symbolize that this was a family-run business with real values, and we wanted a tribute to hard-working people.”

Honoring and supporting the hard work of local fishermen is something the couple strives to do in all aspects of Harrigan’s, which sells mussels, haddock, swordfish, lobster and Maine shrimp, among other things. They do this, they said, by paying fishermen fairly, offering quality seafood to their customers and sourcing as many of their products as they can from Maine.

This means, Chuck said, that you won’t find anything from overseas in their market.

“What often happens is there is literally a haddock that’s caught in the Atlantic, shipped all the way to China, cut, processed, frozen, shipped all the way back and then sold,” he said. “It’s less expensive, but we refuse to do that.”

The idea of Harrigan’s is something Chuck wanted to do for years, but it took the recent economic climate to push Chuck and Rachelle, who continue to work full-time jobs, into action.

“Just like anybody else, we could walk in to our jobs tomorrow and find a pink slip,” said Rachelle. “We thought a lot about what we would do if something like that was to happen. We felt this was our shot.”

The couple started Harrigan’s in August of last year, operating out of a refrigeration truck and a borrowed lobster tank, selling lobsters and clams to restaurants and to the public.

At the end of January, they set up a retail storefront in the space adjacent to Marshall Wharf Brewing Company, right along the waterfront. It’s been a perfect fit for the Gerrys as well as for longtime friends David and Sarah Carlson, who own Three Tides and Marshall Wharf Brewing. Three Tides purchases seafood from Harrigan’s for the restaurant; Harrigan’s sells Marshall Wharf growlers and merchandise in its retail space.

“Things are picking up,” said Chuck. “People are starting to realize we’re here and we’re getting a lot of repeat customers from last year.”

By the end of May they will have a larger display case and a lobster tank in the market, and their repertoire will expand to include lobster rolls, crab rolls, steamed lobster, clams and mussels to go.

Additionally, they plan to offer a variety of products (all Maine-based) that typically accompany seafood: flavored butters, lemons and sauces, among other things.

“It will be like a one-stop shop,” Chuck said.

While wholesale business garners a majority of their current revenue, they expect business to even out between the wholesale and the retail sides by the end of spring.

It may even flip in favor of retail.

“I really want Harrigan’s to be this cool space where people can come in and get high-quality seafood and other products they can’t get anywhere else in town,” said Rachelle.

Chuck added that it’s about more than just the products. “We want people to be able to have a conversation with the person behind the counter, too,” he said.

Harrigan’s Seafood Company is located at 42 Marshall Wharf Road. It is open Wednesday through Saturday, 2-7 p.m. Beginning in June, it will open Tuesday through Sunday, tentatively from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It also ships seafood. The store can be reached at 930-9060. It will be participating in the Good Life Fest ( Saturday, May 8.