The Belfast Fire Department, Public Works Department and Water District responded to a fire on a portion of the Little River Hiking Trail April 14.

The mid-afternoon blaze consumed undergrowth and scorched larger trees in a half-acre forested area adjacent to the Belfast Reservoir, near the intersections of Herrick Road, Woods Road and Lower Congress Street.

The Water District property through which the hiking trail passes is part of a buffer zone around the reservoir that was once a source of municipal water for Belfast.

The fire, which was visible from across the reservoir, was set back one third of a mile from the nearest road. Firefighters were able to use an unpaved access road get a pickup truck loaded with Indian tanks, brooms and a portable water pump to within several hundred yards of the fire.

From there they hiked to the scene, where the fire had been kept at bay by water on two sides and a favorable wind. Within an hour firefighters had reduced the fire to a few smoldering tree trunks.

Belfast Fire Chief James Richards said he did not know the cause of the fire, but he speculated that it had been started by someone hiking on the trail.