The Mount View High School track-and-field teams are gearing up for the new season with strong numbers for the boys and plenty of returning athletes for both the boys and girls.

Fifth-year Mustang coach Kevin “Gus” Petrak said he expects both teams to do well this spring. “There are a lot of newcomers, but practice has shown we have some talent,” he said.

The girls include seniors J.J. Barreiros; juniors Cindy Ahrens, Shannon Armstrong, Amanda Barnes, Ashley Boden, Katie Cloutier, Marissa Cox, Brittany Flewelling, Samantha Henry, Hayleigh Kein and Chrissy Larrabee; sophomores Tasha Fuller, Aleisha Gardiner, Delainey Kein, Caitlin Picard and Anna Piotti; and freshmen Masha Faulkner, Kyrstyn Keating and Kaytlyn Porter.

The boys include seniors Adam Cushman, Craig Dimick, Ben Fox, Jared Hustus, Connor Schmidt and Kyle Story; juniors Nathaniel Sigouin, Mitch Ryan, Kris Ravin, Canson Needham, Seth London, Sebastian LaForge, Eric Jorgensen, Travis Hegstrom, Tyler Hadyniak, Kyle Hadyniak, William Buker and Colby Blanchard; sophomores Tim Bennett, Kyle Chase, Jordan Fowler, Mert Dana, Andrew Gibbs, Curtis Griffin, Darren Hamilton, Ben Kormann, Theo Lawrence, Zach Shedyak and Justin Sigouin; and freshmen Montana Maynard, Noah LaForge, Jake Jones, John Hoddad, Owen Freeman and Trevor Diemer.

Petrak said that athletes numbers are a defining feature of the year. “The boys have numbers and good leadership as a strength,” he said. However, he added that the team doesn’t have all the events filled, which will hurt the team scores.

The girls, however, have a small squad. “The girls have a lot of talent and a good work ethic,” he said. “But they don’t have the numbers to compete against the larger schools in the conference.”

He added that his key competition will be Belfast, but he also has his eye on Nokomis of Newport and Camden Hills. Furthermore, the Mustangs will be competing against some Class A schools, “but generally don’t do well against them because of the difference in size of the schools and our rural background,” he said.

Last year, the boys were 8-14 and the girls 3-17. Hayleigh Kein also took second in the conference high jump at 4 feet 8 inches. The team also had a handful off state qualifiers, including Griffin (110 hurdles), London (100, 200), Blanchard (high jump), Sigouin (shot put), Hayleigh Kein (100, 200, high jump) and Larrabee (1,600, 800, high jump)

According to coach Petrak the key returning boys are London (sprints), Hustus (throws), Story (pole vault and hurdles), Buker (sprints), Griffin (sprints, hurdles), Blanchard (high jump, throws), Fox (distance), Sigouin (throws and sprints) and Ryan (sprints).

For the girls, Hayleigh Kein (high jump, sprints), Larrabee (distance) Delainey Kein (middle distance), Cloutier (distance, jumps) and Flewelling (jumps, throws) are the top returning athletes.

The Mustangs begin the regular season on Thursday, April 15 at 3:30 p.m. at Belfast, with Erskine Academy of South China, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield and Rockland.

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