The goal of the Game Loft is to help youth become adults who are caring, confident, competent, connected and have good character. On April 9, at the Game Loft’s inaugurall volunteer recognition ceremony, the young people involved demonstrated all of those characteristics.

Game Loft staff said the Loft owes its success and indeed its very existence to the tenacity and devotion of volunteers, of all ages and all walks of life.

Members, parents, families, staff, and Game Loft board members all brought a selection of homemade soups, salads, breads and desserts. St. Margaret’s Church graciously allowed the use of the parish hall and its facilities.

The event was made possible by the very volunteers the Game Loft honored. Luke Merrithew assisted with setting up, running and cleaning up the event. Rob Maresh provided important assistance with cleaning.

Volunteers were recognized for individual contributions and honored with awards commemorating the time each spent volunteering with the Loft this year. The young gamer volunteers, including Taran and Madryn Evans-Moran, Brittany Saucier and Lehmann Webb, received special recognition.

Other honored Game Loft volunteers include David Gaulin, Skip Grant, C.J. Hare, Christian Hodgdon, Jordan Hodges, Patrick Howard, Will Hurley, Clayton Martin, Ricky Morgan, Amber Roberts, John Williams and Dakota Wing.

The Game Loft’s newly honored core volunteer force includes Nathan Blake, Dean Hustus, Luke Merrithew, Damiene Roberts, and Reva Soto. The volunteers of the year, Rio Greeley and Damion Saucier, have each already contributed more than 100 hours of volunteer service.

Since July 2009, Game Loft volunteers have donated more than 1,500 hours of service, which is equivalent to more than $17,000 in working hours.