The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds from April 9 through April 15:


Shirley R. Barlow to Alison Walsh


Meda S. Libby Est. to Warren E. Latham and Darcy Latham

Todd Knowlton to Sheldon B. Bacon and Kelli R. Bacon


Pamela J. Glidden to Central Maine Power Company

Kyle D. Mitchell to Kyle D. Mitchell and Rebecca L. Raymond


Eugene E. Fournier Jr. and Gene Fournier to Jeremy S. McCormick and Devon A. McCormick

Rebecca L. Ames to Nancy M. Webster

Rebecca L. Ames to Nancy M. Webster


Charles K. Dow and Alice P. Dow to Darlene Desilva, Sandra Turnbull, Laureen Hope, Bonnie Bailey, Diane Abbott and Linda Lafond


Karen M. Kropewnicki Est. to Erik J. Lindquist

Bethanie A. Berube Living Trust to Deer Meadows Property LLC

Deer Meadows Property LLC to Ronald Robert Berube Jr.


Allen J. Farrington and Allen Farrington to Allen J. Farrington and Lynn E. Bither


Maine State Housing Authority to Norman Kirby and April Kirby


Sheryl Schaub and Larry S. Schaub to Daniel P. Fitzpatrick II

Albert S. Jackson and Ruth E. Jackson to Wayne Jackson, Dean Jackson and Glenn Jackson

Michael F. Woodbury and Reid M. Woodbury to Christopher Simmons and Shelley Simmons


Dale L. Nealy to Dakine LLC

Coastal Mountains Land Trust to Joel Ploszaj


Marshall Weston Hapworth to Richard Edwin Dyer Jr. and Mary Koehl Dyer


Gladys M. Warman to Adam J. Flood


Milford W. Grant and Jeanette Grant to Joseph E. Perry Jr.

Stockton Springs

Lewis H. Bowden Jr. to William M. Mercier and Laurie Mercier

Sandra J. Williams Vear to William M. Mercier and Laurie Mercier

Bruce Williams and Bruce E. Williams to William M. Mercier and Laurie Mercier


Carol A. Jordan to Herbert D. Jordan


21st Mortgage Corporation to Matthew J. McSpadden, Christine M. Kostusyk and Joan J. Sheldon


Robert E. Treat and Margaret R. Treat to Central Maine Power Company

Bernard D. Ginn to Central Maine Power Company


Kenneth Pagliaroli to Dean S. Pagliaroli Sr.

Elnora Kenney to Elnora Kenney and John W. Kenney