The first Belfast Free Range Music Festival is set to (insert chicken pun here) April 24, and if it’s half as good at the roster suggests, it will have been twice as good as it needed to be. Which is to say, for a first time out, the organizers have outdone themselves, and so much the better for us. But as with any ambitious event, it won’t be a success unless people turn out to see the music.

The festival covers a wide range of genres, including several jazz acts (Mary Ann Driscoll, Luna Madidus), a family of bands with Maine connections and overlapping lineups (Tiger Saw, South China, Brown Bird), a children’s music band (The Fofers), all intensities of rock (Class Machine, Rural Electric, Gully), folk (David Dodson), traditional (Free Seedlings), and a pair of nationally-known, genre-fusing acts brought to the roster by Phish drummer Jonathan Fishman (Jazz Mandolin Project and Col. Bruce & the Quark Alliance).

If the timing of the schedule is firm, a new band will be playing its opening notes every 15 minutes, meaning a person with a $15 general admission pass and comfortable walking shoes could catch a few songs by every act at the festival. And for those moments of hustling between venues, there are rumors that other acts not appearing on the bill will be populating downtown street corners.

The organizers of the festival have taken pains to keep the ticket prices low — $15 to $20 for eight hours of music is a steal by any measure — and the quality of the acts is, as we said, better than it really needs to be. The festival is one day only, so be there or (insert chicken pun here).