Waldo Community Action Partners recently received a donation from The Wentworth Event Center in Belfast as a result of the center’s April 14 fuel-assistance fundraiser. Kristine Wentworth Colson, the center’s co-owner, arrived at WCAP’s office to personally deliver the $1,350 check.

Wentworth Colson organized the fundraiser event specifically to provide assistance to Waldo County’s elderly residents who don’t have enough fuel to heat their homes. The money will go directly into WCAP’s Keep Me Warm Fund, which provides a one-time benefit of 100 gallons of fuel for households in emergency situations.

When Wentworth Colson is not at The Wentworth Event Center, she is working at her family’s multifamily subsidized apartment complex in Bucksport. “I have personal experience with the elderly who live on fixed incomes. Sometimes they need just a little extra help to make it through the winter,” she said. “I feel strongly that the elderly need and deserve heating assistance at times and couldn’t be more pleased to help an organization like WCAP so they in turn, can help others.”

The Wentworth Event Center is family-owned and -operated by Wentworth Colson and her father, Lloyd Wentworth. The Wentworth Event Center is an all-season event venue.

WCAP was founded in 1965 as a private charitable, educational nonprofit community action agency. Its mission is “to create opportunities for people to improve their quality of life.” WCAP develops partnerships with other community organizations, involves low-income clients in the agency’s operations and administers a full range of coordinated programs designed to have a measurable impact on poverty.

For more information on WCAP and the Keep Me Warm Fund call 338-6809 or visit the Web site at waldocap.org.