Editor’s note: Each week in the Wednesday edition of The Herald Gazette/The Republican Journal sports supplement, VillageSoup publishes a photo or photos and asks those in the photo to explain what they were thinking at the moment the photo was taken. The photo that appeared in the April 14 edition is included here:

Camden Hills Regional High School’s Morgan Farley gets a little more than she bargained for in this at bat April 12 in a preseason game in Rockport against neighboring Georges Valley of Thomaston. The pitch initially hit the junior pitcher/second baseman in the shoulder and popped up and hit her in the helmet to give her a free pass to first base. But that is not how Farley wanted to reach base. “When [the pitch] first came at me I actually thought it was going to go above my head so I started to duck,” she said. “Then I was looking down at the ground and I felt the ball hit me in the shoulder. At first it didn’t really hurt at all and I was just like, ‘Well, now I get to go to first.’ I really wanted to get a hit off that one, but I never got it. And once I got home later that night [my shoulder] actually did start hurting.”