Waldo County Sheriff’s Deputy Eugene “Gene” Rega worked his last day at the Sheriff’s office April 24. Rega said what he would miss the most about his 31 years in law enforcement was the people he had worked with.

Chief Deputy Bob Keating called Rega an excellent police officer.

“He has served the community well,” Keating said. “I’ve known him during his entire career in law enforcement, and it has been a pleasure working with him.”

Rega, who is originally from New York, said he got interested in becoming a police officer after spending time with friends who had been working in law enforcement.

He said some of his most memorable cases were the murder cases that took place in Waldo County during his years with the sheriff’s office, particularly the 1983 murder-for-hire case involving Norma Small, the Belfast woman who hired a Searsmont man to kill her husband.

When asked what he would tell police officers who are just starting out, he said simply, “Take things one day at a time.”

That’s precisely what Rega intends to do during retirement.

“I just plan to take it easy,” he said.

Keating said the Sheriff’s Office will be posting an advertisement to fill Rega’s position within the next week or two.