On April 24, Frankfort’s Boy Scout Troop 34 sponsored the Waldo District Annual Jamboree on the Trail. This year’s trail was a climb up Mt. Waldo. Cub Scouts hike a distance of five miles, while the Boy Scout hike is 10 miles. Scouts solicit sponsors for their hike. The Jamboree on the Trail is a fundraiser that the Scouts use to raise money for their individual and troop activities. A cookout was waiting for the Scouts after the completion of their trek up Mt. Waldo.

Assisting the leaders of Troop 34 were the Frankfort Fire Department and Searsport Ambulance staff. The volunteer firemen performed traffic control on Route 1A, and the ambulance staff were on duty in case of an emergency. The ambulance volunteers also demonstrated a new piece of equipment they recently obtained for use in transporting the injured.

Scoutmaster Joe Dargon laid out the hike course up Mt. Waldo and Camp Cookie Joy Frost was in charge of satisfying the appetites of Scouts and adult volunteers.