As the RSU 20 school board nears completion of its work on the budget for the 2010-2011 school year, a desire by some board members to revisit — and possibly overturn — decisions made earlier in the budget-building process has prompted a special board meeting to be called.

That special meeting is set to take place Thursday, April 29, in the music room at Belfast Area High School. It will start at 6:30 p.m.

The request to revisit some of the specific budget items was made at the board’s April 27 meeting, according to Superintendent Bruce Mailloux, and came about during discussion of a procedural error the board had made two weeks earlier. At its April 13 meeting, he said, the board tentatively approved a 1.75 percent increase in the amount to be asked for from local taxpayers.

Although the current draft of the proposed budget — which has a bottom line of $32.3 million — is down about 3.8 percent from last year, the amount local taxpayers are being asked to contribute is set to go up because of a decrease in state subsidy and an increase in state-determined local property valuations.

Mailloux said in addition to approving a percentage figure at the April 13 meeting, the board should also have approved a specific dollar amount. When that issue arose at the April 27 meeting, some board members said they wanted to take another look at — and possibly change — some items in the budget that had been voted on previously. Mailloux said some board members said they wanted to do this after having had a chance to speak with community members.

Mailloux said for an already-approved budget item to be altered, however, the board would have to first vote to rescind its earlier action. A vote to rescind, in turn, must be properly announced on an agenda released in advance of the meeting. Mailloux said that was in order for the public to know what was going on.

Since the agenda for the April 27 meeting did not include anything dealing with earlier votes’ being rescinded, the board could not pursue the matter further, and the April 29 meeting was then scheduled.

Mailloux said there were five specific issues board members wanted to look at, only three of which would need to be rescinded.

One item was the potential consolidation of some elementary-level classrooms into multi-age classrooms. The board had voted previously not to include this plan in the budget. A second item was computer upgrades for Belfast Area High School and Searsport District High School. Mailloux said the board chose earlier not to support requests for those upgrades, but some on the board wanted to take a second look.

The third item was the local assessment percentage increase approved at the April 13 meeting, which could change, depending on what decision was made on the other two items.

Mailloux said that although the board was asking for more money from local residents, he felt the district had done its job of preparing a budget that balanced the needs of both students and taxpayers. Some factors, he said, are beyond the district’s control.

“We’ve done our part -— the piece we can control is the expenditure budget,” said Mailloux. “We can’t control what the state says about subsidies and valuations.”