Six Waldo County high school squads competed Friday and experienced mixed results.

One of the highlights of the day was the Searsport baseball team’s 9-9, eight-inning tie with George Stevens Academy of Blue Hill, while the other was the Mount View softball squad’s first victory of the season in an 11-1 decision against Waterville.

Meanwhile, the Belfast baseball team suffered its first loss of the campaign in a 6-0 defeat against Nokomis of Newport.


Searsport 9, George Stevens Academy 9 … In an eight-inning battle cut short by lack of light, Searsport fought the Eagles at Blue Hill to pull out a tie in one extra inning.

“It was back and forth and nailbiting,” said veteran Viking coach Dave Pepin. “It was an exciting game. Really, really exciting.”

The Vikings (3-1-1) reign atop the Eastern Class C region with 7.4219 Heal Points, while GSA (1-2) ranks ninth with 2.1875 points.

Evan Kingsbury pitched the game for the Vikings and allowed 13 hits and four walks, with six strikeouts. For GSA, Kane, Reed, and Dow shared the mound and combined to give up 14 hits and three walks, with five strikeouts and one hit batter.

Searsport had five errors and GSA one.

Kingsbury led the SDHS offense with three singles, two runs and a run batted in. Josiah Brazier (2 singles, 2 RBIs), Charlie Larrabee (single, double, 3 runs), Shane Seekins (2 singles, RBI, run), Buddy Ellis (run, single), Rocky Faunce (double, single, RBI, run) and Jacob Allenwood (single, run) also contributed.

Dow (2 singles, double, 2 RBIs, run), Gale (double, 2 singles, RBI, run), Lawson (double, 2 RBIs), Eley (2 runs) and Jones (2 runs) led the Eagles.

Searsport took a 2-1 lead after the first inning and jumped to a 5-1 cushion thanks to back-to-back-to-back suicide squeezes by Allenwood, Larrabee and Seekins. By the end of the second inning the Vikings led 5-3.

In the third inning, the Eagles took revenge with five runs, highlighted by a two-run double by Lawson.

By the top of the sixth stanza, Searsport trailed 8-7 when Faunce doubled, Larrabee walked and Seekins hit an RBI-single to tie the game. Brazier then slapped an RBI-single to put the Vikings ahead 9-8, only to watch as the game was tied by an RBI-single by Gale in the bottom of the sixth inning.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, GSA loaded the bases on intentional walks. Searsport then finished the inning with two ground ball outs and an infield pop-up, only to have the game called for darkness.

Pepin said the key to Searsport’s strong performance was the Vikings’ hitting, which was the best he has seen all season and it shows that his squad is improving.

“It was just a good game. I mean, they are a top-quality team, so, for us to get a tie down there was a pretty big step in our program,” the coach said. “It was a real big game for us.”

Waterville 9, Mount View 3 … Even though they were ahead 3-2 in the third inning, the Mustang’s (0-4) were again denied their first victory, this time by Waterville (4-0) in Thorndike.

In Eastern Class B, Mount View is ranked 19th with no Heal Points, while Waterville is fifth with 7.4609 points. John Bapst of Bangor (3-1) is first with 10.5469 points.

On Friday, Eric Neally pitched for the ‘Stangs and allowed 11 hits and three walks, with four strikeouts. Zack Wehry and Tim Locke combined to allow three hits and four walks, with 11 strikeouts for the Purple Panthers.

Alec Davis led the Mustang offense with a single and two RBIs. Dylan Keller (2 runs), Bobby Porter (single, run) and Aaron Elkins (single) also contributed for the hosts.

For Waterville, J.T. Whitten  (run, double, single), Wehry (double, 2 runs), Locke (single, 2 runs), Mark Berkim (single, run), Tyler Bouchard (single, run), Sam Nashed  (2 singles), Kyle Bishop (run) and Josh Gaudette (run) keyed the win.

Despite the loss, first-year Mustang coach Ty Kerr was pleased with the effort of his team. He said that he was happy with grabbing an early lead on a strong opponent such as Waterville.

He added that this was the best game the Mustangs have played this spring. “The kids were really excited about this game. They played really well,” he said.

Kerr said thus far this season Mount View has faced some of its toughest opponents. He said this game was a turning point for the Mustangs and that Mount View fans should expect better results from the team in the future.

Nokomis 6, Belfast 0 … The Lions suffered their first loss of the season against Nokomis at Newport.

The Lions (3-1) are 13th in Eastern Class B with 3.3594 points and Nokomis (2-2) is eighth with 5.4688 points. John Bapst of Bangor (3-1) is first with 10.5469 points.

On Friday, Eric Peters pitched 4 2/3 innings for the Lions and allowed three walks, with two strikeouts. Derrick Bernosky finished the game and had a strikeout. Belfast hurlers gave up nine hits.

Jared Seamans pitched for Nokomis and allowed four hits and two walks, with six strikeouts.

For Belfast, Bernosky rapped two singles.

Justin Amoroso ripped a two-run single to lead Nokomis, along with Mike White’s RBI-double. Spencer Hartsgrove added a pair of singles.

Nokomis scored two runs in each of the first, fifth and sixth innings.


Mount View 11, Waterville 1 … The Mustangs (1-3) secured their first win of the young season over Waterville (0-4) in Knox.

The ‘Stangs are ranked 16th in Eastern Class B with 0.6250 of a point and Waterville 19th with no points. Hermon (3-0) is first in the region with 10.7422 points.

On Friday, Mount View took a 3-0 lead in the first inning and kept the pattern going with 10-0 on the board by the fifth stanza. The Mustangs scored one run in the second inning and another two in the third. The Mustangs final run was in the seventh inning.

Rodrigue had a double and Waterville’s only run in the seventh inning.

Haley Giggy pitched for the ‘Stangs and allowed four hits and two walks, with three strikeouts. For Waterville, Jacques allowed 14 hits and four walks, with four strikeouts.

Rachel Andrews led the Mustangs with two singles, a triple and two runs, while Brianna Moody (2 singles, run), Alonia Horton (2 singles, 2 RBIs, run), Amanda Hall (3 singles, 2 runs), Leeann Larrabee (2 singles, three runs), Danielle Ludden (run) and Channing Murphy (run) all contributed to the win.

The source of the win was on the mound, according to Mustang coach Mike Gagnon, who credited the victory to Giggey. “That was really the key. She was around the plate and let her defense work,” the coach said.

Gagnon said his team was happy to experience its first win, but the players realize they need to work hard to keep the trend going.

“They were very pleased,” he said. “They were happy to have the win, but they also realized that they have dug a little hole for themselves [by losing their first three games] and they have a lot of work to do.”

George Stevens Academy 20, Searsport 4 … At Blue Hill, the Vikings (0-5) suffered a lopsided loss to the Eagles (3-1).

“We were a little bit overwhelmed,” said Searsport coach Thor Gower. “We made a few mistakes and they made us pay for it.”

In Eastern Class C, Searsport is 12th with no points and GSA 10th with 3.1641 points. Central (5-0) is first with 11.1719 points.

Olivia Quigley pitched one inning for the Vikings before stepping out of the pitching circle due to a recurring injury. She allowed four hits and a walk, with one strikeout. Sara Bradshaw took her place to pitch the remaining four innings and allowed seven hits and 10 walks, with three strikeouts.

Katherine Cotter led the Vikings with an RBI-single and a run. Megan Higgins, Quigley, and Gwen Higgins also had one run each. Searsport scored all its runs in the fourth inning.

For the Eagles, Hanna Billings (2 RBI-triples, 3 runs), L. Clapp (2 RBI-doubles, 3 runs), and Richelle Kane (3 runs) led the offensive charge.

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