Scarcelli article ‘unprofessional’

“Democrat Scarcelli more than political newcomer” [front page, April 28 TRJ] is the worst analysis of a political candidate I have ever read. Presented ostensibly as an objective and nonpartisan assessment, it is only at the end of this half-page (68 column inches) diatribe that we read in a “disclosure” statement that the author has already contributed to a rival candidate’s campaign.

So we’re supposed to believe the author is practicing objective journalism here? This comment should disqualify the author for this type of article, or at the very least, the disclaimer should be at the top of the article, not at the end.

The author claims that Rosa Scarcelli, candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor, “cherry-picks her background and experience to create one image.” So does the author, yet seemingly to reveal and elaborate on any possible negative aspect of Ms. Scarcelli’s business career.

The article does not present or analyze or mention even one single political issue championed by Rosa Scarcelli. But in an article that takes up 47 paragraphs, 10 of those (starting with the fourth paragraph) deal primarily with the business experience of the candidate’s mother and problems she had.

The author describes Scarcelli’s mother’s company (that her daughter now owns and manages) as a player in the “lucrative business of developing low-income housing with federal dollars.” The term “lucrative” might well be disputed by many with experience in that business.

We read of official complaints against the company, but only one side of each complaint is reported. The company’s side of the story — or any observation by Rosa Scarcelli or other company executives — is totally absent.

It is a one-sided criticism of a gubernatorial candidate that reads like a campaign manual of attack points. Still, little if any of this long article presents the political views on specific issues of the candidate.

This is not a sterling example of political journalism, maligning a candidate without even looking into her point of view on the issues to be discussed during this election year.

Disclaimer: After reading more information about Rosa Scarcelli, and despite the long and windy article, I have decided to vote for her. Yes, there is more here than one might think, and much more than anyone would find in that slanted article.

Fritz Lyon



Is the truth ‘hate speech’?

This is a response to Gina Cressey’s April 14 letter [“Some letters go too far”]. [She] expressed disapproval to The Republican Journal for printing my April 7 letter on discrimination [“Discrimination: A great need”].

She implied that my letter — in which the theme was to encourage good judgment — was “hate speech,” “not fit to print,” and “on the wrong side of the line.”

Since when has it become hateful to speak in accordance with the Bible, which happens to be the foundation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights? But for the Bible and Bible-believing Christians, we would not have an America as we know it. This land would be more like Haiti, Saudi Arabia or Cuba.

If “gays” and “uppity women” are not in trouble with God and on the road to hell, as I said in my April [7] letter, then the Bible is a pack of lies. And if the Bible is a flawed book on morals and future judgment, then Jesus Christ was a complete fraud. Who would dare call Him this? If He is not a fraud, then the only alternative is that He is God manifest in the flesh and totally trustworthy.

Common sense tells me I should go on believing Him and His book.

The word “uppity,” which the woman used in her letter, means in my dictionary “putting on airs of superiority; arrogant; presumptuous.” It is a sin worthy of eternal death to be arrogant, to be out of one’s proper place, or to engage in any type of sex outside of marriage. See Romans 1:29-32; Titus 2:1-9; and Revelation 21:8 for proof.

God also said that they which do iniquity shall be cast into the furnace of fire (Matthew 13:41,42). It is the God of love and justice who said these things, not me.

When truth is spoken for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God and the good of society, it is never hateful, but always benevolent.

My critic said she was offended deeply by what I said about women and homosexuals. Does the Bill of Rights protect one’s right to never feel offended? I don’t think so. It protects free speech.

The First Amendment protects the right of each individual to practice religion, which to the founding fathers meant biblical Christianity. A large aspect of Christianity involves preaching the word of God, reproving the works of darkness and speaking the truth in love.

In my letter, I did not mean to offend anyone. Instead, I meant to love my neighbor as myself by making God’s word and truth known. There can be no salvation apart from the knowledge of moral law, for it is the law that makes us aware of our need of salvation through Christ. Obeying God’s law and truth always conduces to happiness and freedom.

Virtually all the founders of America believed women were most free and happy when in their God-appointed place at home and in subjection to their husbands. The majority of them were led by Bible principles, and that is why they forbade women to vote in political elections. They all knew the woman was created to be a helper to the man; not rule over him by casting votes. They all knew that fornication, adultery and lewdness were crimes worthy of some sort of punishment.

The real hate-mongers are those who push to give protected class status to the sexually disoriented, those who undermine marriage by seeking to redefine it; those who push to keep abortion (child-killing) legal, those who push to take away rights from men by giving women rights forbidden by God, those who deceive to advance their causes, and those who are trying to turn this republic into a Communist, U.N.-controlled dictatorship. In short, the real hate-mongers are people like Mr. Obama, all Democrats, many Republicans, and the mainstream media.

Who are the real bigots? Is it those who decry error and immorality? Or, is it those who decry truth, morality and the free exchange of ideas?

Truth and error, and light and darkness will always clash. “An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.” (Proverbs 29:27)

Donald Violette



Triad says thanks

Waldo County Triad members and Spectrum Generation’s Waldo Community Center staff and volunteers would like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations that helped make the auction that we had March 12 a success. The proceeds from the auction were used to benefit the programs of older people of Waldo County. We would like to thank:

Captain Shorty’s, Thompson’s Oil, Ocean’s Edge Restaurant, Bennett’s Gems, Bay Area Fitness, Hands of Healing, Belfast Veterinary, Belfast Harbor Inn, Maria Gail, Dudley’s Diner, Pizza Hut, Peter Nesin, New Waves Salon, Mary McCormick, Dockside Family Restaurant, Michael Marden, Republican Journal/VillageSoup, John Slaughter, Rollies, Tidewater Oil Company, Just Barb’s Restaurant, Maine Energy, Viking Lumber, Lisa Nichols Salon, E & M Salon, Vicki Seekins, Anglers Restaurant.

Holmes Greenhouse, ME Hair Studio, Foxy’s Restaurant, China One, Merrill’s Powerwash , Belfast Dairy Queen, Dutch Chevrolet, Young’s Lobster Pound, Waldo County YMCA, Speaking Rose, Shamanic Reiki Healing, Bell the Cat, Aunt Judy’s Uniforms, Quiet Touch Massage, Nail Spa, Drs. Dutch and Marnecheck, Weathervane Restaurant, Tozier’s Market, Camden National Bank, In Good Hands Message, Wild Rufus, The Getaway Salon, Ming’s Restaurant, The Good Table, Out of the Woods, Damariscotta Bank, Silkweed’s, Elwin C. Boynton & Sons.

Andy’s Garage, Sheer Talent, Colonial Theatre, Hannaford, Opera House Video, Belfast Soup & Sandwich, Belfast Variety, Heavenly Bean Bags, Swanlake Grocery, Blake & Hazard, The Maine Thread, East Side Garage, Dr. John Lewis, Belfast Harbor Inn, Ridge Runner Veterinary, Winterport Eye Care, Key Bank, First Light Gallery, The Green Store, EBS Hardware, Chocolate Drop Candy Shop, Roger Blake, Mainely Pottery, Cliff’s Hair Salon, Comfort Inn, Mr. Paperback, Community Fuel, Atlantic Bay Chiropractic, Arlene Rouch, Bay View Physical Therapy, Gina Fry, Wanda Owen, , Hamilton Marine, Colburn’s Shoe Store, Pat Pierson, Norma Littlefield, Dr. Michelle Morrow.

Thank you.

Waldo County TRIAD and

Spectrum Generations

Staff and Volunteers