Law enforcement agencies in the Belfast area have lately solved several burglaries.

Investigations conducted by the Belfast Police Department, the Searsport Police Department and the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office helped solve a pair of burglaries — one in Belmont and the other in Belfast.

Belfast Police Detective Bryan Cunningham said he had been investigating the burglary of a garage on Lincolnville Avenue and the theft of 200 pounds of copper. Cunningham said copper wire and 25 to 30 heater cords — an estimated $500 to $600 worth of copper — were stolen from the Belfast garage sometime in April and reported to the police May 1.

Meanwhile, according to the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Merl Reed and Searsport Police Sgt. Steve Saucier had been investigating the March burglary of a house in Belmont in which eight chainsaws were stolen. According to police, one of the chainsaws was recovered, and Reed and Saucier were investigating a Searsport man, David Linscott Jr., 28, in connection with the Belmont burglary.

During Reed’s interview of Linscott, according to Cunningham, Linscott confessed to stealing the copper from the garage in Belfast. Linscott was arrested May 5 and charged with two counts of felony burglary and two counts of felony theft.

Based on information gathered from Linscott, as well as evidence collected by Cunningham, Reed and Saucier, a second man, Dennis Pomeroy, 29, of Searsport, was arrested May 6 and charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of theft.

As of May 6, Cunningham said, Pomeroy was in custody at Waldo County Jail and Linscott was being transferred to Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset. Arraignment for both is set for July 1, according to Cunningham.

Police are continuing the investigation of the Belmont case and are asking anyone with information that could lead to the recovery of the remaining chainsaws to contact the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office at 338-6786, the Belfast Police Department at 338-5255, or the Searsport Police at 548-2304.

In an unrelated case, a 17-year-old male was charged with burglary and theft after an investigation conducted by the Belfast Police Department linked him to a burglary on Cedar Street.

According to Cunningham, a Belfast woman returned to her home on Cedar Street after running errands on the afternoon of May 4 and noticed that the shade in her bathroom appeared askew. Cunningham said the woman also noticed there was a shoeprint on top of the washing machine and that $170 worth of cash was missing from where it had been kept.

Cunningham said a fingerprint was lifted from the washing machine, and this led police to a 17-year-old suspect. When Cunningham inspected the bottom of the suspect’s shoes, he said, the pattern matched that of the shoeprint found on the washing machine.

According to police, the suspect, who was on probation for prior burglaries, eventually confessed to the burglary and theft. Cunningham said he was able to recover $92 of the stolen cash, and when he asked the suspect about the rest of the money, he told Cunningham he had spent it on lunch, cigarettes and Chinese food.

Cunningham said the boy was summoned and charged with burglary and theft.