A woman was summoned May 7 after falsely reporting to police that medication had been stolen from her car. According to Belfast Police Chief Jeffrey Trafton, Jessica L. Lermond, 23, of Rockport reported to police that Xanax had been stolen from her car while she was shopping at Hannaford.

Trafton said Detective Bryan Cunningham investigated video surveillance provided by Hannaford of the grocery store’s entrance and discovered that Lermond had never been to the store the day she claimed to have been there.

Trafton said when Cunningham asked her about the false report, Lermond told police, “I didn’t think you would investigate it that much.”

According to Trafton, 2 to 3 percent of the reports police receive regarding stolen medication are actually valid. The rest of the reports, he said, come from people who have either gone through their medication too quickly, or who might be selling it, and need a refill.

Cunningham summoned Lermond, who is currently on probation in Knox County, for making a false public report or alarm.