The woman who currently heads the Greenville School Department was unanimously selected May 10 to be the new superintendent of schools in SAD 3 beginning this summer.

A motion to hire Heather Perry as SAD 3’s new superintendent was approved by all 11 school board members following a 25-minute closed-door session at the board’s regular monthly meeting Monday night.

Perry attended the meeting and thanked the committee that screened the applicants, saying they had done a thorough job and that it was clear they were well-intentioned in their work.

“I’m excited,” said Perry. “I look forward to working with [retiring Superintendent] Joe [Mattos] in the transition, and I’m excited to begin working here.”

Following the meeting, SAD 3 Board Chairman Glenn Couturier said Perry would begin work July 1. As part of the vote to hire Perry, board members approved giving her a one-year contract, and a salary of $103,000.

Couturier said he imagined that Perry would be doing some work in SAD 3 toward the end of June, before Mattos’ last day on June 30.

The screening committee, according to Couturier, winnowed the initial batch of applicants for the superintendent’s position down to two finalists, and Perry was then the one selected from those two.

“She seems to be a real go-getter,” said Couturier of Perry, additionally describing her as “extremely motivated.”

Couturier said Perry had risen through the ranks of school employees from an educational technician to superintendent in 10 years, and had served as superintendent for four years now.

The need to hire a new superintendent in SAD 3 arose in December, when Mattos announced he would be retiring in 2010. He had originally planned to retire in the fall, but after discussions with the board, his departure date was moved up to June 30. Part of the reason for that change was to make it easier to allow a new superintendent to start July 1, when the school district’s fiscal year begins.

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