Come Boating!, Belfast’s community boating organization, invites the public to learn firsthand about its boating activities Saturday, May 22, at the Belfast waterfront. Launch Day festivities will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will include opportunities to row one of the organization’s 32-foot, six-oar Cornish gigs. Come Boating! members will be at the Boat Shed near the harbor to talk about rowing and sailing activities for the public as they serve hot dogs, cold drinks and snacks.

This summer Come Boating! will offer free morning and late afternoon rows with a trained coxswain several days a week. No rowing experience is necessary, and youth age 12 or older may participate. A youth-only rowing group that was formed last year seeks additional rowers for this season.

During the summer Come Boating! will also offer community sailing with a trained skipper on a Drascombe sailboat for up to three people at a time. The organization’s annual regatta will be held Saturday, Aug. 21, in conjunction with Belfast’s Harborfest.

Gigs from other New England rowing organizations and other rowing boats will compete for prizes. Come Boating! rowing teams participate in several races along the New England coast each year. Its men’s team took first place at the annual Snow Row in Hull, Mass., this year. Enthusiastic new rowers are encouraged to train with Come Boating!’s racers for future events.

Come Boating! is a volunteer organization that welcomes new members and volunteers. Volunteers are especially needed this year to help conduct sailing activities.

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