Editor’s note: Each week in the Wednesday edition of The Herald Gazette/The Republican Journal sports supplement, VillageSoup publishes a photo or photos and asks those in the photo(s) to explain what they were thinking at the moment the photo was taken. The photo that appeared in the May 19 edition is included here:

Daniel Horton, 62, of Swanville smiles as he rides his “souped up” bike from the transition area during the Waldo County YMCA Family Triathlon May 15 in Belfast. Horton, a member of the YMCA’s board of directors, placed third in his age group and set a “mark of distinction” by having the slowest time ever recorded in a Waldo County YMCA-sponsored triathlon. He finished the grueling 525-yard swim, 12.2-mile bike and 3.5-mile run event despite having had, during his life, three hip operations, a broken femur, three knee operations, and a serious arthritis condition. “It was a hard thing but it was worthwhile because I have a level of gratitude for the participation but also admiration for the type of athlete that trains and competes in something of this nature,” Horton said “One of the nice things about being the slowest is that everybody passes you and you get to see some really exciting athletes doing their best work.” He was happy that he finished the race, but his favorite part was the kind words at the post event awards ceremony. At the ceremony his contributions to the YMCA and community were recognized. “The people in the crowd acknowledged that I spent a lot of time encouraging YMCA activities and gave me a nice ovation,” Horton said. “I was quite taken back. It was a recognition that I had been successful not only in finishing the triathlon but in sponsoring events for other people to do things through the YMCA.”