Editor’s note: Each week in the Wednesday edition of The Herald Gazette/The Republican Journal sports supplement, VillageSoup publishes a photo or photos and asks those in the photo(s) to explain what they were thinking at the moment the photo was taken. The photo that appeared in the May 12 edition is included here:

Mount View High School senior Zach Babin made a stellar play against Rockland in a game May 7 in Thorndike and the Mustang was not about to leave his hat behind. The first baseman made a sensational diving stop of a hard hit ball down the line. He quickly got to his feet and, while running to step on the bag for the out, Babin decided to pick up his hat in the process. “The ball was hit pretty hard and I had to dive for it, but my hat fell off when I was diving and I thought I had enough time, when I caught the ball, to go pick up my hat because I didn’t want my hat to get stepped on. So I went and picked it up. I think the play got the team going a little bit.” Visiting Rockland won the game 3-0, but Babin has been a strong fielder, pitcher and hitter for the young Mustangs this spring.