Windmill parts en route to Kibby Mountain are being transported from Searsport in Waldo County through the capital area and onward to the mountain in Franklin County, several miles from the United States-Canadian border.

Troop D Sgt. David Tripp said Maine State Police escorts for the windmill parts began earlier this week and will continue through the third week in July.

No significant traffic delays are expected, but Tripp advised motorists who encounter a windmill escort to stay as far right as safely possible. While drivers may only initially see a cruiser with its blue lights activated, a short distance behind it will be a truck taking up one and a half lanes.

Most days, Tripp said, there will be one to three staggered escorts.

Windmill parts will be transported on Route 1 in Searsport, Route 3 in Belfast and Route 104 in Augusta to Drummond Road, Middle Road, Route 23, Route 11, Route 23, Route 139, Route 2 and Route 27.

When fully operational, the Kibby Mountain wind project will have 44 turbines.