The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will conduct a controlled moose hunt in Aroostook County again in 2010 in response to farmers’ concerns about crop depredation and to address the increasing incidence of moose/vehicle collisions along Routes 1 and 161.

The controlled hunt, which will occur between Aug. 16 and Sept. 25, was approved by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Council on April 22.

Last year, which was the first year of the controlled moose hunt, 100 permits were allocated and hunters had an 81 percent success rate.

“Once again this year, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is implementing a controlled moose hunt to ease the negative impacts caused by moose on broccoli and cauliflower crops in parts of eastern Aroostook County, as well as help reduce the risk of moose-vehicle collisions,” said Commissioner Roland “Danny” Martin. “Last year’s controlled hunt was a successful start in helping to alleviate problems in this area, and this year’s effort too will make a significant dent in the population where recreational hunting has not.”

For several years, IF&W has increased the number of moose permits during the annual fall recreational hunt to respond to the landowners’ concerns for crop damage and communities’ requests for safer roads. With the controlled hunt, IF&W has greater flexibility to effectively manage moose in areas that may have limited access or are in “non-traditional” habitats, such as an agricultural-woodland mix, that may not be attractive to hunters.

The controlled hunt is not open to all hunters. Persons eligible to participate include:

• Landowners with 80 or more contiguous acres, who own property in Limestone, Caribou, Woodland, Presque Isle, Fort Fairfield, Washburn, Westfield, Easton and Connor Township. The eligible property is agricultural, forested or undeveloped land that is open to hunting, including hunting by permission. A dependent living in a landowner’s household also is eligible.

• Any shareholder in a corporation that qualifies under the Internal Revenue Service Code as a Chapter S corporation is eligible for the landowner permit drawing if the property meets the landowner permit requirements. Dependents of shareholders are not eligible.

• All Registered Maine Guides that currently have all Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife license privileges in good standing, are not convicted felons, and did not receive a controlled moose hunting permit by lottery in 2009. Guides will not be eligible to hunt and only three permittees picked at the discretion of the guide will be eligible to hunt.

A total of 100 permits will be available. Eligible persons wishing to participate must file an online application form that’s available on IF&W’s website at A person may not file more than one application and each application is for “one chance.”

This controlled moose hunt is not the recreational moose hunt. Applications for the recreational moose permit lottery were due by May 14.

Applications for the controlled moose hunt are now available.

The online application deadline is Thursday, June 17 at 11:59 p.m. A random chance drawing will be held on Friday, June 18. The winners’ names will be posted on IF&W’s website. Selections are final.

Selected landowners and guides may hunt during the entire six-week period (excluding Sundays).

There is no application charge. Permit fees are $52 for residents and $484 for nonresidents.

A total of 100 permits will be allocated as follows:

* Up to 45 percent will be issued to eligible Registered Maine Guides, and each selected guide will receive three moose permits (one for each of three permittees who will be chosen at the discretion of the guide.) Of the three issued permits, one will be an any-moose permit and two will be antlerless-only permits. Registered Maine Guides who receive permits are required to guide their permittees in agricultural areas designated by the department within the nine towns open to hunting.

Each Registered Maine Guide selected by the lottery must attend a training session on June 30 in Presque Isle.

Registered Maine Guides selected by the lottery in 2010 will be ineligible to receive a controlled moose hunt permit for two years.

* Up to 55 percent of the permits will be issued to eligible landowners. Landowners who receive a permit are required to hunt on their own, eligible land. The commissioner may authorize a landowner to use his permit to hunt on other designated lands identified in the area open to hunting.

In addition to the above moose hunting permits, the department will allocate five moose hunting permits to disabled veterans to participate in the controlled hunt. At least three of these permits will be issued to residents who possess a valid disabled veteran hunting license and no more than two permits will be issued to nonresident disabled veterans who possess a valid big game hunting license. A ” disabled veteran” means a person who: (1) is a veteran; and (2) has a service-connected disability evaluated at: (a.) 100 percent, or (b.) has a service-connected disability evaluated at 70% and has served in a combat zone during any armed conflict in which participants were exposed to war risk hazards. These permits will be issued in cooperation with the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management. Maine Veteran’s Services will provide logistical support to the selected disabled veterans during their moose hunt.

The moose taken under these permits are in addition to the statewide bag limit. Permits issued under this controlled hunt are exempt from the provisions of the moose permit point system of the recreational moose hunt. A person who receives a controlled moose hunting permit is exempt from the two-year eligibility requirement of the recreational moose hunt. All other fees, laws and rules relating to moose hunting will apply to this controlled moose hunt.

Additional information about the controlled moose hunt is available on IF&W’s website or by calling 287-8000.

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