Waldo County native Molly Feeney has successfully completed the Emerge Maine program, and said her passion for policy had been reaffirmed. Feeney is a 2008 graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in political science, and a 2009 Maine graduate in an individualized master’s in education program with a focus on the U.S. Constitution.

Feeney said she was inspired by the Maine political process and the high level of engagement of Maine people, especially the women she has shared the Emerge classroom with. With immediate goals of pursuing teaching, Feeney hopes to emerge onto the Maine ballot within a couple of years.

“These 17 graduates join our 51 alumnae from around the state in filling the pipeline of Maine women leaders. These women are, and will be, our local and state-level political leaders,” said Emerge Maine Director Katie Mae Simpson.

Feeney said she was motivated by the effective energy of people who participate in change, and was inspired by the process of realizing the many different lifestyles and visions for our state. She said she clearly remembered the moment she fell in love with local politics: She sat in a cold town grange on Route 137 at the age of 13 and listened to the passionate words exchanged by neighbors, and then witnessed the quick change in tone as the community exited the grange and returned to daily routines. Over time, the experience was translated into a need to be part of the political process.

Feeney was born in Knox, the youngest of three children, and graduated from Mount View High School in 2004. She spent a semester in Washington, D.C., interning for Maine Congressman Michael Michaud, and is an active member of the Maine Democratic Party. She did her graduate work under the James Madison Memorial Fellowship.

She is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society. Feeney’s original political involvement began in 2003 when she served as the first youth chair to the Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council; she is now anxious to continue her involvement from a new direction.

Feeney coached high school track at her alma mater, and drives stock cars with her family on the BAMF racing team.